30 January 2007

Bring it on...!

O Holy 2007!
What do thou have in store for moi?
A year full of work and toil?
Are you trying to remake me into a dustbin?
Or are you just trying to tantalize me beyond a point where I’ll crack?
I don’t get it.
Maybe you’re just trying to get me to work for every crumb
like an ant?
Why oh why?
I love being lazy..
Why won’t you let me yawn my way into fairyland in class?
Why won’t you let me do my anchor stitchkits in peace?
Or atleast let me socialize for God’s sake!

You’ve turned my life into that of a bee. A busy bee.
Come; take a look into my calendar.
Google. Google. Google.
Enough. I’ve googled enough.
Ppt. Ppt. Ppt.
Enough. I’ve made enough presentations.
Cat. Xat. Tiss.
I’ve had enough and more of all this (as well).
Aaaaaaaaaah! Are you deaf?
Can you REALLY not hear me scream?
2007! O holy 2007!
Yeah, pun intended.
You aint holy.
You’re jus mean.
I wanna go on a holiday.
Let me go.
I’ll come back and then you can go about your dumping business.

Go easy, though.
Have a heart. I’m just a human being.
Not a cow. Not a bee. Not an ant.
Pooh. I’m doing all that you’re shoving on me now,
If not anything else, gimme fruit. Nice ripe ones.
Will you? Oh, will you?

Well, you’re the master.
I’m your slave.
You’re telling me that my ‘jobless days’ are over.
All over. Once and for all.
Hmmph. Sounds positively disgusting.
Nevertheless, I’m gonna try and digest that…
Not like you’re giving me a choice.
Gimme the strength and courage to face
all the challenges you are throwing on me.
Make me strong. Make me fearless.
Chi. Rejuvenate chi in my body.
Light some incense sticks in my mind. Vacuum clean my brains.
Let me face all that you’re tossing on me
With a difference. A different mindset.
A positive one. A positive one.
**Deep Breath**
Come 2007. Bring it on… Gimme more.
I’ll do it. I’ll do it all…
I will stand tall…
I will be a champion.
I will. Yes, I will.