25 November 2007

Baby Spree...

Women are LUCKY…. Even if she’s beaten up everyday and shunned by everyone… She’s still lucky. For there’s one thing She can do, that He cant….

I’ve two happy pregnant women in my family… One of them just delivered – a pretty lil baby girl! :) so that makes it only one more pregnant woman now.. :P

Amma, appa, my cousin, his wife and I went over to the hospital today, to see the baby. We stepped in and saw a lil thing eyes tightly closed, hands clasped so tight, sleeping so cosily. She had such tiny hands, legs… and a really tiny nose.. even tinier nails….. I watched this lil creation in AWE… and I still cant get over it.. I could see her breathe.. and she freckled, moved her arms and legs while still fast asleep… I was so tempted to touch her… but my finger looks HUGE in comparison to her.. how can babies be so tiny?

I was just so thrilled to watch that lil thing in her own world. She’s just three days old. The joy on everyone’s face there was more than just evident… the grandparents were happy on their newly acquired status. The mother gazed at her creation, her emotions I just can’t express… Daddy boy was all excited… saying “thanks” to all the “congrats” that he received from every one of us. The lil baby’s older brother stood right next to his 3-day old sister, guarding her from all of us. He would say “don’t touch” if any of us came closer than he allowed us to! He demands that his baby sister be called ‘Sreeja’…

I keep chatting with the currently pregnant sister of mine…. Listening to her describe what she goes through everyday fills me up…. This is one of the most amazing creations of Nature… I mean, to have a real living being created inside you…. for all that the mother does just to feel the lil creature kicking her….

My mum recollected so fondly those days when she was carrying me and then my brother… how she took care of me when I was jus as tiny as ‘Sreeja’… to what food I ate… how I crawled… took my first walk…. To how I would not sleep all night and get my mum to rock the hand-made saree swing… how I cried when I went to pre-school and refused to eat… how I’d eagerly wait for appa to come back home from office and say “dhaa dhaa dhaa dhaa dadaddada dhaa dhaa”, that was my way of explaining what I did all day, apparently… the frocks that I’d love wearing…

I KNOW I’ll make a lovely mother… someday… but.. I want to have a baby NOW! Wait… I’m not married yet…! And I don’t have a boy yet!! O wait… I don’t even have a job…. Uhm.. Aint I still studying…? O btw, I’m still not officially allowed to enter a pub.. which freaking means I’m just TWENTY years olllldddddddddd!!! Snap. The baby will have to wait….!

ps - i shall put up a picture of Sreeja, after i get one.. until then, here's me :)