29 March 2007

TAG... Picked it up from Nisi..

1. One thing you are very much afraid of?
Losing near and dear ones..

2. Two incidents you can never forget in your life?
Incident 1: Was skipping away to Hindi class wearing a pretty skirt at 7am. I get SLAPPED hard on my right cheek by one mad woman… Done ask me why. That’s unsolved mystery.
Incident 2: Again in the 6th grade – when I was lost in the pee world, not realizing the bolt dint work… A senior happened to get a glimpse of moi and slammed the door back on my face, terrified. Now, now, DON’T over imagine!!!

3.Three books you would love reading again and again?
I don’t read much.. However they’d be..
i. Stop worrying and start thinking – Dale Carnegie
ii. My ‘memoir’ book that my friends filled in the 12th grade, and now in coll…
iii. Nisi + Moi’s paper presentations.. hehe

4. Four women who are most beautiful?
i. Amma
ii. Gautami (My favvvvvvvvv lil cousin. She’s BEAUTIFUL.)
iii. Varunika Vyas (one sweet girl with no false pretense)
iv. Sameera Reddy

5.Five of you favorite food items?
i. chaat
ii. suda suda suda parupu sadham with loads of ghee
iii. ANYTHING sweet
iv. Idiappam Stew
v. Karudam

6.Six words you use very often oral/written?
i. Too much for your FACE
ii. Podi kuppi
iii. LOSER!!
iv. You’re such a weirdo, that’s what you are.
v. Pooh.
vi. Macha..

7.Seven things you like about yourself?
i. I’m very very very caring
ii. I’m sweet
iii. I love my voice
iv. I speak fairly well
v. I’ve LOVELY friends
vi. I’m a silly kid at heart
vii. My moods oscillate….

8. Eight film personalities who are your all time favorites?
i. Tabu
ii. Jyotika
iii. Rani Mukherjee
iv. Rahul Bose
v. Jennifer Aniston
vi. Meera Jasmine
vii. Mathew Perry
viii. Madhavan

9.Nine movies you wont mind watching again and again?
i. Mozhi
ii. Kannathil muthamittal
iii. Bend it like Beckham
iv. Sirahugal
:( everyone knows I aint a movie buff.. and I cant churn out more. However, I love the movies I mentioned…

10.Ten songs you would like to listen to everyday?
i. Most of Mariah Careys.. they’re divine
ii. Rakshagan – Kanava illae kaatra
iii. Guru – Ay Hairathe
iv. Varalaaru – Theeyil vizhindha thaena
v. Pavitra – Uyirum Neeye
vi. Beatles – Let it be
vii. Nisi – Ode to Women
viii. Dulaari – Suhaani Raat
ix. Kaanaa inbam kanindhadheno
x. Desulavuthey

I tag.. Ghanshyam, Painah, Sparrow, The Visitor, Akx, Anjana, Venk...

18 March 2007


Two decades ago, I lay
with my eyes closed, hands fastened,
clasped in my makers’ bosom..

One decade ago, I beam
with my pretty pink frock, red lipstick,
milk teeth making way for vampire-like ones..

Here I am, today…
Carrying memories weighing a twenty years,
Frozen and Numb….

20 years! Phew! It’s not sinking in!!
Despite my claiming to “age gracefully”, being twenty does feel different! And a lot older.. a wee wiser as well! :) To mark this day where my life’s almanac ticks twenty, I had a bunnnnnnnnnnnch of people who’ve made it incredibly special for me…

At dot twelve came in tons of hugs and wishes from all my friends who wouldn’t let me stop smiling for the next couple of hours… Indu mole promptly lit the first wick of my birthday’s kuthuvilakku, followed by Shooti wooti, Cheri berry, the happy budday ringtone gifter Prashanth, Preethi saroj, Barath, Sandy brandy, my lil drunk Sanju, Valu baby and the Bangalore brainchild Vidyashankar.. :)
Mommy and daddy gave me a bear-hug and wished their twenty-year old monument a life of a hundred years… And my bro gave me a sheepish grin, a conscious hug, whispered “happy birthday” and off he went, perching himself in front of the television that telecasted the rather ugly India-Bangladesh match…

Woke up this morning, with Nitu’s call… Jerked out of my bed when the Sand man called! Went to the Ganesh temple with mumma, lit lamps and prayed for my dearest… Paid visit to another temple on my way back home, just to find my lil bro awaiting me with his hand-assembled “basket of goodies” as he likes to call it.. :) In it I find, pretty combs, a Japanese fan, rose tissues, nailpolishes (and a remover to compliment it), pens… and a lil card writ in ink conveying his birthday wishes… Mommy then gave me the very pretty sarees she bought for me (perhaps, signifying that I’m getting older!)… :)

Hand full of goodies, I enter my music-filled room, and hear shrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks followed by a “happy birthday” in chorus! The dumb-struck me shook my head and saw Nisi, Shooti, Icy, Taki, Arch, Sangee, Sandy and Swa flashing their brilliant thirtytwo! The dumb-founded me broke down, completely overawed by the ‘surprise’…. “Phoo”, I blew my n number of candles and cut my pretty brown cake, feeding these babies turn after turn… I got myself an ample ounce of sweet-butter on my moonji(courtesy:Nisi)… and on my hair too(courtesy:Sangee)… I looked something like this:

Then came the gift-opening session…. Taki, Icy, Arch, Nisi’s skirt+mug+mask+jewel box+pretty paper bag+hand made card…. Sandy Swa’s terracotta wall-hanging+grand top+earrings+ mobile pouch… Shooti’s antique face-vase+pearl chain+ram earrings+kutti rings… Sangee’s very thoughtful embroidery kit+pearl earrings+chappal keychain+mobile phone accessories!!!! **my moonji all lit up right now**

Soon after, I did some very appalling “manly” bum-shake to Sean Paul’s Get Busy that completely took away the moments of grace that swa jus delivered with her “Kajra re”… I then, coyly took over the camera to video-fy the danseurs perform – ‘variya ‘and the many songs to follow!

Then came the birthday-girl decking session! All my newly acquired properties were strategically placed all over my body… take a look!!!!!

Meanwhile, mommy made us all a mini-lunch.. Sambhar saadham, alu fry, senakezhangu masiyal, cabbage-peas curry, curd rice, vadumaanga and chips! We kottified beautifully… yapped around for a while, and then the pretty girls went back to their abode… Milli-seconds later, I found myself weeping into my pillow…
Nisi, Shooti, Icy, Taki, Arch, Sangee, Sandy and Swa – thanks a million… you really made my day, so special, so special.. very very special.. To see us all coming together and having such a good time on my birthday was completely overwhelming… really really touched by your gesture, bumbees.. love you all… so much. Thanks a ton…

Lolling at home.. watching tv… orkuting…. Went out in the evening to see the sleep + alcohol deprived S man, who promptly blurted “you look FAT in this dress!” Grrrr…. I chewed his brains off for a while… made him watch aaalllllll the videos in my cam. Nibbled some cookies and then got back home… With this, I call it a day. A special one.

Vikram, Arjun-puri-ganga aunty, Abhi, Sid P, Giriesh, Shitu, Vivek, Rsn, Vanita, Tanu, Benny, Prasad, Vijay, Prakash, Sandeep, Vasuda, Perima, thanks a ton for calling in…
Shweta, Manoj, Vasan, Biju, Sid Deb, Aks, Priya, KK, Deepu, Saikat, Vidya, Mansa, Arjun, Ritesh, Reynah, Preethi, Anthea, Gautam, thanks a ton for messaging in…
Divya Bharath, Vidya, thanks so much for emailing in…
Not forgetting to mention, every one of you who’ve left me orkut scraps… I know I had eight pages full of wishes…. Overwhelming… Thanks so much :)
**hugs** to all you guys… Love you all…

Cheers and smiles,
Me :)

PS: Awaiting lunch with the V boy tom.. With that, my birthday celebs would rest, for the year! :)

11 March 2007

The Pensive Me...

i love this pic... i really do...
i was telling shooti that it should form the cover of a novel! :D :D

for some reason, this picture captures EXACTLY my current moodswing... i dunno..

conceptualized and created by ms. omniscient - nisi bisi dearest :)
nis - thanks a ton :) :)

01 March 2007


I jus wrote a testimonial for my brother on orkut and I’m in all tears…

My lil bro turns 14 tomorrow and I love him oh so much. For some silly reason, I’ve been awfully excited about his birthday for like a few months now. I wouldn’t be able to sleep in peace if I don’t drive him crazy everyday with my loud “babiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, you’re birthday’s coming!!!”… and ah. He used to almost ridicule me for being so silly…

I keep telling my mum, that he should’ve been the elder one in my family, instead of me…. Cos it really feels like he is my elder brother…. And I’m the nutty me, screaming “coo” into his ears; sitting on his lap; filling my mum’s ears with complaints about him not spending time with me; shutting his book when he’s deep into reading and laughing my boisterous laugh; pinnnnnnnching his cheeks until he screams “hariniiiiiiiii stop it”; half opening the door when he’s back from school and slamming it back saying “you can stay out” – the only difference being, he slams the door back on me with his newly developed arm muscles (well, he was stick thin a few months ago.. and suddenly he’s become a power-boy!)..

It’s like I don’t want time to move on so fast. It’s moving on, a lil too fast. Coll’s over even before I digest the fact that I’m in college… My parents are saying stuff like, “finishing studying now, get on your feet soon after.. we wanna get you married down three years”….. Tomorrow is my bro’s birthday and he’s actually turning 14!! Nothing seems to be the same… everything’s changing… and a little too fast…

I go back to those days, where my brother was safe and cozy in my mum’s womb. I remember how proudly I beamed to all my 1st grade friends, that I’m gonna hav a lil baby bro/sis…. I remember the day, 14 years ago, when my dad frantically ran from pillar to post trying to save my mum’s life with some many litres of blood that the doctors demanded “urgently”, for she was in a “critical” state… God’s grace, both the baby and the mother are safe… I was dumbfounded when I first saw this little living being, beside my mum… awfully tiny hands folded so tight, microscopic legs, nose, ears, brown hair… I clung onto my dad’s arms and watched the lil thing, lost in its own world… sleeping…….

We’ve come a long way through… I distinctly remember every moment of his life…. Even those horrible days in the hospital, when he was battling to breathe, jus six months after he was born….. stubborn child he was… and he still is! :)
I loved those days when I was in the fifth grade…. Bro and I used to go to crèche together.. I used to waiiiiiiit for my school bell to ring at the end of the day… I would rush to the cycle stand and peddle as fast as I could, with all my might, to bail my brother out of the crèche... :)

He’s a big boy now... A whole fourteen years old…! A boy who has gathered a lot of traits, attitude, learning, notions, over time….. I guess I’ll take a while to get used to him growing!! As of now, I’m just awed by him, his rate of growth (which is absolutely normal.. just that, I’m still stuck in the past)…

I cherish every moment we've spent together… When he quietly perches on my bike and puts his arms round me, while I ride.. When we hold hands and cross the road as I lead us on with my ridiculous way of wading through vehicles waiting to kill us… When we go out to eat chaat or grab a pastry off and on… Those rare occassions when he says “how was your day…”… Those days when I don’t get home on time, and he very caringly asks Amma “why isn’t Harini back home”… When he says "congrats" and pats my back when i come back with a prize..... Priceless moments… Moments that will remain etched in my memory, forever….

Dearest Baabi bro, I really really love you… You completely rock… I hope you’ve read your testimonial on orkut… Have a wonderful birthday… God bless you.. :)

Spread your wings and fly high...... like a butterfly..........