15 February 2012

Lucky or What?

I've always been asked - "How do you manage to ride two horses? Ain't being a Professional Vocalist and an Entrepreneur two equally demanding professions? You must be so lucky"

I tweeted a couple of days ago about my newest Samsung Galaxy Note and lo! Within a minute, someone replied "Neenga romba kuduthu vechhavanga" (Translation: You must be a extra lucky)

Oh and I hear from people all the time, "You've dimples! How lucky are you?!"

Makes me wonder what "Luck" and "Lucky" really is all about...

I do understand that there are Millions of people out there don't live in a house, don't get to eat 3 meals or have any of the basic necessities of life that I'm abundantly blessed with.
I don't understand that disparity... It's unfair. What can a baby newly born into the family of someone dwelling in the slum possibly do? Until he has grown his feet enough to be able to be on his own.

Birth, we don't have a choice of. We don't pick families we want to be part of.

But what comes after that - Why attribute to "Fortune", "Luck"?

Everyone has Choice. And we make choices all the time. To be an addict to some stuff lying on the road is a Choice. To have the vigor to break away from poverty or whatever his/her status may currently be and work towards an awesome quality of life is also a Choice.
So many many people today are willing to sponsor Education of a deserving one. We ourselves sponsor education of our Maid's daughter's education. She asked us for it, in her own little pristine way.
Tomorrow, when she's successful - Ain't she going to be subject to the "Lucky" label?

Life really is all about Choices.

You choose what you want out of life and work your whole heart and soul into realizing this.

I've always believed and would swear by this:
When you want something very very very fondly and so intently, the Universe will make way for its happening.

You just got to make the Choices that take you in that direction.
You train your gut.

And Most of all, Pray and Work. "Luck" doesn't come in the way of Prayers and Honest Work!

Pray and Work. Work and Pray. Let the sunshine of love bless us all with positivity, direction and wisdom to make Choices that are most Ecological for us...