22 March 2012

Disdainful Judgement

Schedules hectic
Life amess
Took on more work for bread and breathes dirty air
Believes there is only one way to live on
Thinks like a horse with eye caps on
Filters glowing Red black and blue

*Ssssppppffff* she spits her half-hearted work
Maps distorted
Ego hurt
"I'm gonna get you two" she bit her teeth and told
Reads in between lines
Makes meaning of realities that exist not

*Hurrrrrr* she blames like a fat cow with horns a many
Head shakes east-to-west vigorously that
A few worms she can gobble and spit out in disgust
Scratching brains
Bleeding nose
Life ain't as pretty is it could be
She decides so, that the world must be
A place that shares her lousy misery

Spiteful. More distortions. Long long hours all of snorty pens
Scanning her finished work she smirks now with Pride
Of her undaunted fake power and will to pronounce someone loser
Scorned. Torn. Biased. Misinterpreted.

Just a few kind words spewed here and there
Makes for bizarre decoration of work so insane
Throws her disdainful pen
Tears of blood cried the pen so soft
Judgement passed

Took a deep dip in a villa nearby
Now forgotten about the eagles so far
Life trods on. No joy. No nice

But the phoenix she hurt shall someday rise