31 December 2007

MY REFLECTIONS, on this special day…

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart"
Helen Keller

There are these moments that leave you bereft of words. Moments those stir every emotion in you and form a kaleidoscope of nothingness. Today was one such day, where I was lost in the world of the challenged, breathing every minute of their existence.

Today, 30 December 2007 is a day chosen to celebrate Music God A.R. Rahman’s 41st birthday(which is on the 6 January 2007). A bunch of extremely genuine, socially conscious Rahman music slaves (that’s a degree higher than fans) decided to do something noble on his birthday. After a lot of thought process and option-exploring-sessions, Rahmaniacs, as they (read- we) proudly call themselves (read- ourselves), decided to spend a day with the inmates of an organization called Nethrodaya, a home for the Blind.

Rahmaniacs certainly have qualities of their idol imbibed in them. They’re bouquet of simple, humble people who belong to different backgrounds united with the power of A.R. Rahman’s heavenly music. We celebrated his birthday, with God’s special people – the visually challenged.

The day began with everybody feasting breakfast king-size. Meanwhile, we had our Rahmaniacs’ band inaugurating the day by invoking A.R. Rahman’s presence amidst us. Singer Pop Shalini, the guest for the day, did the honors, by cutting the piano shaped cake as we all sang “Happy Birthday to Rahman Sir”. The first piece of cake was received by Rani, one of the inmates in Nethrodaya. She was someone whom we all named “Paadum Rani”, owing to her singing prowess! Pop Shalini and myself sang a couple of A.R. Rahman numbers and then our very on Rahmaniacs’ band put together a wonderful show for us all.

The best part of the day, was the contest that we had for the inmates. We had our self-manufactured DJ who played some wonderful interludes of Rahman songs while the inmates had to identify the song and sing it! The enthusiasm we witnessed was rather infectious! We were awestruck by the response each one of them gave us as music penetrated into their ears. They were on their toes, throwing their hands up in the air, to identify the songs and grab the brownie points. Every correct identification of song was followed by truck-loads of applause, and all of us singing the song, in one voice. We even had a tie breaker and quiz for the ones that competed for the first and second position! This was one of the most gratifying events ever.

These people are indeed special. I made my way to this very pretty inmate called Pricilla, first. Introduced myself as Megha and she was elated! She patted my head and said she enjoyed my singing. I held her hands as we chitchatted about our lives. She was telling me all about herself – her routine for the day, how she travels by bus by herself for her computer classes. She felt my hands, my hair and said she’s really sure I look beautiful. She showered generous words of kindness and said, “Please come back and visit us whenever you can”. I was choking already. I did not know if I had the courage to talk to another inmate… I made myself feel really small in front of their might and strength.

Next came four other little girls, who were physically challenged. Rosy, Padma, Madhavi and Selvi… They were all really excited as we talked about each other’s lives. Incredibly touching. I was surprised when they sang along with me, when I did a mini private performance of my songs, on demand! It felt overwhelming to be at my end, where I am an ordinary person at heart, but get treated like an extraordinary person by these people. They tore a piece of white paper into equal fours and asked me to sign them autographs with my contact details. They said, they will be at my doorstep one fine day… I smiled with all my heart and invited them over, fighting back tears at the same time…

Next came, the Paadum Rani, as I have already introduced her earlier. She is an amazing vocalist and sings at concersts, as well. When I asked her, about her achievements and what she feels about it. All she said was that she wants to improve on her singing and her dream is to at least sing a scratch track for a music director. She loves singing “melodies”, she proudly beamed. I held her right hand with a pen, as we signed “Paadum Rani” with a smiley on the A.R. Rahman Birthday Wish Card that did its rounds. Rani expressed her joy as we wrote each letter of her name on the card, together…

Rahmanias were all in Cloud 100… The event filled our hearts in totality. We saw that as each one expressed in their own way. Each one of the Rahmaniacs went out of their way in doing their lil bit, towards the success of this event. Dedication and passion showed in their every gesture. This event is indeed very special to each one of us. We dedicate it to the man, we worship – A.R.Rahman. We are thrilled to have spent his birthday in a way, he’d wanted us to have celebrated it...

Rahmaniacs – Thanks a million for making me a part of this event, so willingly. You guys were incredibly sweet. I’m humbled by all your gestures. Please accept my gratitude with a smile. The very first event turned out nicer than we all imagined it to be. Here’s hoping every one of you get together for many such events. Let’s spread the divinity of Rahman’s music to many more special people, as one family.
In specific – John, Vithur, Narayan. Thanks for coordinating with me all along :)

On that note, here’s wishing all of you Rahmaniacs, a very Happy New Year..
May God bless our Rahman and all of us in abundance this year, and for years to come.


Log onto: http://www.nethrodaya.org

For more pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/Narayan.Srivathsan/RahmanBdayCelebrationPics

19 December 2007

Hey There Delilah

For once, I wish my name were Delilah. And I wish more than anything else, someone sang this song called ‘Hey There Delilah’ for me…

This song just fills me up…There’s something about this song that just makes you feel like an innocent lil school girl, who’s just so blessed to have a boy that loves you more than anything else in this world... Life would be so pretty if all men were like this, meaning every word of this song…

This song does weird things to me, every time I listen to it… And this song cannot get any better than it already is….

If you haven’t heard it, here goes the link:
And if you’ve heard it, that’s still the link… Listen again…

Hey there Delilah
What's it like in New York City?
I'm a thousand miles away
But girl, tonight you look so pretty
Yes you do
Times Square can't shine as bright as you
I swear it's true

Hey there Delilah
Don't you worry about the distance
I'm right there if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice, it's my disguise
I'm by your side

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me

Hey there Delilah
I know times are getting hard
But just believe me, girl
Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar
We'll have it good
We'll have the life we knew we would
My word is good

Hey there Delilah
I've got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away
I'd write it all
Even more in love with me you'd fall
We'd have it all

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way
Delilah I can promise you
That by the time we get through
The world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame

Hey there Delilah
You be good and don't you miss me
Two more years and you'll be done with school
And I'll be making history like I do
You'll know it's all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there Delilah here's to you
This one's for you

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me.

This is the simplest song ever, with the prettiest words, ever…. Love in its most pristine form. One song beats all the love songs that have ever been churned out so far… His voice, the simplicity, I dunno.. Love…

I know I’ve found a song that’s gonna comfort me at all times…. And make me fee like a pretty lil girl in my heart always..

Thanks a bunch, Raka for introducing me to this song, and to a world of pretty music that you so generously share with me..
**smiling with grateful twinkle in my eyes**

03 December 2007


A lot of you may be able to connect to this – when you are jobless, you are so extremely bored to tears that you’d do anything to get your mind occupied. When you have work, that’s when more, and more, and still more of work come in from nowhere! How the heck would anyone multi-task when work just keeeeeeeeps coming in?!

The last minute master that I am and so happens that the college I study in is filled with many such me’s… We finally decide to wake up and WORK our asses off for the upcoming big event “HR Symphony”, which by the way, all of you are invited to.
Date: 6 December 2007; Venue: Madras School of Social Work, Egmore, Chennai.
Theme => HR – A Strategic Business Partner
I wish my blog had more traffic, I’d have attached e-invites and I could perhaps even bet on the number of people that’d turn up :P

Four days before the event, when we just about begin with the major part of the work, Ms. Megha gets busy, leaving Harini in a fix! Megha gets called for a shoot by Mega TV, she gets a dozen recordings that she’d LOVE to go to, she has someone from the press that suddenly decides to write a story on her ‘journey as a playback singer’ **chuckles**, she’s booked by another coupla event organizers to “judge” some music events, her next movie releases and she’s all excited about it – she attends her first audio release function! Harini’s choking on the other end, wanting to pat Megha’s back at one end and kick her butt at the same time! Now, DON’T picturize that!!!

And then there’s another part of her that writes. Serious stuff. Dont ask me what, thats for me to know and you to wonder! :D She works on deadlines, btw. So that’s more work!! Apart from this, there is this eternal be-a-chivalrous-sister that I have to play all the time. For that lil boy of mine just demands I take him out to eat, libraryfy, stationeryfy….. Momma that gives me gharelu work, daddy that’s behind my life to get my medicines (which I’ve been putting away for a long time now)….. All my friends who have been socially inactive all along suddenly decide to meet their long lost friend called Harini… I just remembered – I have to go to the tailor to get my accessories done for college uniform saree! Damn o damn! Pongal o pongal! Naa dead o deaddu!

Moral of the Story:
• Be kind. I’m suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Multiple facet pressure, I say! Hence, the disorder. Reiterating - BE KIND.
• Megha just went a lil overboard with her trumpet-blowing business, that she’d like to modestly call PR **tongue-out smiley**.. Forgive her! Well, she actually doesnt do all of that.. or maybe she does :P
• Pray for Harini and the event that she’s a part of! It better go off well, or people will assassinate her. You don’t want to attend a funeral, do you?

thats me! anyone wants to shove in another hand into me?!

25 November 2007

Baby Spree...

Women are LUCKY…. Even if she’s beaten up everyday and shunned by everyone… She’s still lucky. For there’s one thing She can do, that He cant….

I’ve two happy pregnant women in my family… One of them just delivered – a pretty lil baby girl! :) so that makes it only one more pregnant woman now.. :P

Amma, appa, my cousin, his wife and I went over to the hospital today, to see the baby. We stepped in and saw a lil thing eyes tightly closed, hands clasped so tight, sleeping so cosily. She had such tiny hands, legs… and a really tiny nose.. even tinier nails….. I watched this lil creation in AWE… and I still cant get over it.. I could see her breathe.. and she freckled, moved her arms and legs while still fast asleep… I was so tempted to touch her… but my finger looks HUGE in comparison to her.. how can babies be so tiny?

I was just so thrilled to watch that lil thing in her own world. She’s just three days old. The joy on everyone’s face there was more than just evident… the grandparents were happy on their newly acquired status. The mother gazed at her creation, her emotions I just can’t express… Daddy boy was all excited… saying “thanks” to all the “congrats” that he received from every one of us. The lil baby’s older brother stood right next to his 3-day old sister, guarding her from all of us. He would say “don’t touch” if any of us came closer than he allowed us to! He demands that his baby sister be called ‘Sreeja’…

I keep chatting with the currently pregnant sister of mine…. Listening to her describe what she goes through everyday fills me up…. This is one of the most amazing creations of Nature… I mean, to have a real living being created inside you…. for all that the mother does just to feel the lil creature kicking her….

My mum recollected so fondly those days when she was carrying me and then my brother… how she took care of me when I was jus as tiny as ‘Sreeja’… to what food I ate… how I crawled… took my first walk…. To how I would not sleep all night and get my mum to rock the hand-made saree swing… how I cried when I went to pre-school and refused to eat… how I’d eagerly wait for appa to come back home from office and say “dhaa dhaa dhaa dhaa dadaddada dhaa dhaa”, that was my way of explaining what I did all day, apparently… the frocks that I’d love wearing…

I KNOW I’ll make a lovely mother… someday… but.. I want to have a baby NOW! Wait… I’m not married yet…! And I don’t have a boy yet!! O wait… I don’t even have a job…. Uhm.. Aint I still studying…? O btw, I’m still not officially allowed to enter a pub.. which freaking means I’m just TWENTY years olllldddddddddd!!! Snap. The baby will have to wait….!

ps - i shall put up a picture of Sreeja, after i get one.. until then, here's me :)

10 October 2007

Over the last three months...

Ranju just made my day! She told me that she read my blog and she really liked it… She mentioned in particular, a couple of blogs that tempted me to want to go back and read it….

I just realized anyone can figure out my life through my blog…. It just traces my journey over the last two years….. However, I figure I haven’t given it much of an update in terms of my life at the moment… So here goes it:

U G seems to have gotten over many years ago… P G is a different life altogether. A whole new bunch of friends… I’m doing my masters in the field I’ve always wanted to be in and I’m enjoying every bit of it, despite me regretting sometimes for not working hard enough for my cat xat stuff…. Nevertheless, God has been very kind to me. And MSSW is certainly a blessing. And I’m sure it will add value to me life…

My first few days out here were rather bumpy. I dint like anyone. People assumed I’m a geek. I’m jus not the hey-she’s-a-nice-girl kinda impression giver for the first few days… I take my own time to open up and find footage… But now it’s all cool! Doing well in exams, had a blast during culturals, been given a generous post called “Vice President” by the department, and hence doing some serious work for symposiums to be held…

I’m really happy to have gotten along so well with Divya… She’s been in MOP for three years, but I’ve never really known her… and now, we’re good bumchums :).. I should call us partners in crime! :p We compliment each other perfectly in music, fun and studies! Boy-meeting sessions (hehehehehe), movie watching sessions, combine study sessions, shopping sessions – its been just about 3 months and so much of fun!
Here’s divu and me…

Music on the other hand is being nice to me too. I’ve had my first two movies doing a decent job at the box office. Eagerly awaiting the release of my upcoming movies… and certainly waiting for more offers to come in! :)
Met some biggies in music in the last couple of months – A R RAHMAN, Kartik, Naresh Iyer, Rahul, Krish, Tipu, Chinmayee, Priya Subramaniam, Prasanna….. feels nice! :). Vijay Antony sir, Imman sir and Srikant Deva sir have generously given me the opportunity to render some of their compositions…
Here’s me, with Imman sir at his studio…

The A R Rahman meeting was a rather astounding experience… its all I’ve ever wanted ever since I was in 6th grade. Seeing the man in flesh and blood was completely scintillating… I’m thankful to Ooh la la program for giving me an opportunity to meet the God, even though I chose not to stay in the program beyond prelims. I just watched the man in awe, and my eyes filled up… I don’t think anyone can be more simple and humble like him….. I wish I’d get to sing for him someday...

Hmmpf.. So life’s moving on….. and I’m just making the best out of what I have at the moment…

Shooti, Nisi, Sangee, Icy, Taki, Indu, Valu, Cheri, Reynah, Preethi – I miss you…
Banju, V boy – you make my life so pretty, thanks a bunch…. I love you both..

I’ll write soon..

Me.. :)

30 September 2007

Smileys! :)

this smiley's nice!!!! :)

i think its chinky :D

i'm trying to figure out when my face looks like that.... when i catch my brother on phone with a girl, perhaps?! :P

i just realized i LOVE smileys.... i mean, they're soooooooo cute! and so so so expressive!!! i wonder what life would be like without these emoticons!!! dull and boring :(

"one picture is worth a ten thousand words" - chinese proverb.
smiley's are such a beauty. so pretty! and i think yahoo messenger has the cutest smileys ever!!! and such a joy to use!! the hugs smiley.. the pheww smiley... the laughing on the ground smiley.... :)))))))))

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. i love smileys!!! i'm jus so happy smiley's celebrated their birthday recently! and when ndtv actually featured that as part of their news, i was like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! :) :)

smileys are like an identity by themselves... jus really pretty creatures that make me so happy! even the angry and crying smileys rock! :) :)...

if i were to be born again, maybe i'll want to be a smiley! :) yellow face. two dots. one curvy line!! simple life!! :) :)

look below:
thats me! :) red face, though!


My latest craze - Shopping. Actually not latest, its always been there... But it jus seems to have been proposing serious threats to my pocket over the last few months. More so over the last one month. Wondering how many ppl would've "cast eyes" on me... Mom's been screaming at me, so has bro. But i still seem to be shopping like in quite a reckless manner...

Help me put a FULL STOP.... or atleast an exclamation mark?

08 September 2007

Saturday, today...

Ah. Lousy cricket match, that... They should probably hang these umpires. I mean, who are they to decide the fate of the game? Cant technology do it instead? Hmmpf..

Saturday, today.... and for a change, I got into my pair of lousy shorts and tee, n the afternoon, couched onto my sofa and watched cricket match. Yeah, me. I watched cricket match.
Felt nice to actually stay home on a saturday... No work in coll, music, no class no nothing... Friends in different corners each doing their own thing...

I realized, sitting at home, biting on some pijja+garlic bread+choc brownie, watching tv is actually a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon...
Normally,I'm either recording or coffee house hopping or lunching with friends or shopping on saturdays.... Today was pleasantly different... Got myself to do some writing as well.... Not bloggable stuff though. Nevertheless, I let many a glitter pen do some art work in a pretty book that I have...

Aprom... avlo dhaan. I just feel nice! :)

10 August 2007


Once upon a time
lived an old man
by the brook
in a hut so small.

Blessed he was
with wisdom
God-sent mannah he was
for villagers.

Questions came from the north
south, east and west,
The old man answered them all
with precision and calm.

Questions about life and death,
the sun and the moon, heaven or hell,
The old man answered them all
with grace and charm.

Questions from the tall and healthy
Weak and small, Young, old and the bold,
The old man answered them all
with patience and warmth.

Many a villagers came
flocking to his abode
Day after day
he answered tirelessly.

Two little siblings
a boy and a girl
twitched at the old man’s fame
and determined to put him to shame.

Racking their pea-sized brain
to manufacture a plan
fool proof and smart
to catch the old man by his thumb.

They thought and thought
of a question
that the old man cannot answer.
they thought and thought.

Eureka! The two screamed outta joy
A little bird was caught
tightly held in the boy’s palms
feathers outstretched his tiny hands.

They would ask,
“O wise man, is this bird in my hand
dead or alive”
either ways, the old man would be caught.

“Alive” if the old man says,
the boy would squeeze the bird
to death
to prove the old man wrong.

“Dead” if the old man says,
the boy would let go of the bird
to fly
to prove the old man wrong.

Thus the two siblings rejoiced
at their brainchild
The million dollar question
that would put the old man to shame.

Alas, they went to the old man and asked
“O wise man, is this bird in my hand
dead or alive”
eagerly they waited for an answer.

The old man smiled
and said,
“Whether the bird is alive or dead
it is in your hands”

Maketh your life or
Breaketh your life
Blame not destiny
Blame thyself.

08 August 2007


Sometimes people can be mean. Really mean.
Sometimes people just think it’s their birthright to hurt people
Sometimes people are just SO insensitive
Sometimes people think they’re God
Sometimes people look through you and pretend you don’t exist
Sometimes people ridicule the art you worship
Sometimes people take you for granted
Sometimes people just assume you’re a shit-taking machine
Sometimes people mock your brainchild
Sometimes people order you to do things THEIR way
Sometimes people imagine that you’re some auto-energized ogre
Sometimes people place donkey’s worth to your prized “time”
Sometimes people forget good old days and move on letting you rot
Sometimes people just don’t like you for what you are…

In strange proportions I’ve experienced all of the above, over the last two weeks...
Hence, the shitty feeling. I’ll get over it.
I’ve always been careful with money
Cautious, very cautious.
However, sometimes I’ve spent recklessly
Like water, water.
Today, I realize the worth of money – courtesy:
Parents. My Parents.

27 July 2007

Randoming Babblings...

Man…… it feels so so so good to have net at home! Pooh. Comforts –ultimately that’s what all of us want to have. I used to loathe sitting in those dingy cyber cafes trying beat those keyboards frantically cos’ they were jus so annoying…
I finally feel like my life’s normal… sitting in my room, late night.. in front of my comp.. orkuting, chatting and trying to fill up something in my long-ignored blog :)

I’m listening to my “nee kavidhai” now.. and I like it! :D like really like it… I’m so happy. **pat pat on my back**

College is edho okay okay.. nice bunch of seniors… But I’m longing to have fun with my friends – shooti nisi and all of them… also, prasad anthea and all of them… and sanju and v boy ofcourse :), that goes without saying!

You know what? I’ll come up with a decent post soon… this hardly qualifies to be a blog entry. None of my posts qualify :). Like akx rightly mentioned, I sound like a two year old! I’ll try and come up with a “grown up” post next!

Until then… tata. :)

PS - i dont know why i put this picture. i just put it. doesnt it make you want to scratch your brains with like your toes or something? or maybe something worse. i dont know. you teme.

22 June 2007


I wish I were a bee…
Like a nice chrome yellow bumble-bee…
I dunno if I’d sting and all..
But yeah, I’d love to manufacture honey.
Maybe even sell it to dabur.
So that they can add all that they add and sell it in bottles.
With my picture on it.
But I’m a fat bumble bee. With dimples.
So they should just put my picture.
And mention – “Source: this pretty bumbee called Harini”

How’d I go about manufacturing honey?
I’ll first fly all around…
Chennai Bangalore everywhere..
I’ll go to Singapore also. And meet some bee friends of mine there..
Yeah, so I’ll pick a pretty garden..
With many color color flowers.
Pink. Purple. Red. Pink..
I’ll go flower-hopping..
I’ll dance tra-la-la-la… and sing aloud…
All flowers around are jus gonna watch my performance in awe
They’ll all call me to their home..
And I’ll dance and sing for all of them..
Special bum-dance for certain extra nice flowers I’ll do..
And I’ll go to my home with loads of nectar.
All my baby bees would be waiting for me..
So would my hubby bee..
I’ll give him a hug… and put them all to sleep.
But God made me a queen bee.
So I have to work. Tirelessly.
I’ll store all the nectar in my hood.
And then call dabur boys.
I wont let them burn us up.
I’ll jus give them my honey generously.
cos’ they’re making me famous
By putting my picture on their bottles
that reads – Source: “this pretty bumbee called Harini”

13 June 2007


i made that bhooth.
i was making my way to the r t o, but i took the wrong turn and ended up in a sudugaadu... thanks to certain ppl :P
full insipiration came off. the bhooth in moi sprouted.
hence, the art work.
dont smirk. i'd like to call it that.

ps. sudugaadu - graveyard.

07 June 2007

Bitchini. Thats my new name.
I'm not skimpily clad.
But slightly full angeryilycrazy mood.
Hence, Bitchini.

05 June 2007


if you were to take a scan of my brains,
this is exactly how it will look.

20 May 2007


Beat boxing?!?! Huhn.

Dabba dabba dee dooo deeeeee thuba thuba thuba poooooooooooooo!

Yay! I’ve become American Idol, too..!

Honors please? An album for me, perhaps?


14 May 2007

For you, Shooti...

shooti ma, here's my treat.... i cant treat you in person now.. but please accept this for me...

lots of love,
me :)

PS - to all: shooti knows why i'm treating her! :)

Happens, sometimes…

More often than not, we forget the fact that at the end of the day, all of us, are HUMANS… “Saadhaarna manidhargal”, susceptible to make mistakes…
In this fast-track world full of rubbing shoulders and struggle, one is ALWAYS under the pressure to perform to one’s best…. Sad but true, that CANNOT happen all the time…. Reasons could be psychological, highly practical, one of those everything’s-wrong-about-today kinda days…. Or it could even be just a state of mind, that doesn’t allow someone to perform to their fullest potential on a particular day. And I certainly think that is pardonable, rather entirely justifiable…

On that note, I realize how much ‘pressure’ can affect a person’s confidence levels, mental state – results of which are evident, rather tangibly. We must learn to ACCEPT failure (if I could call it that), gracefully.

I’m no big shot. I’m not even close to becoming one. Neither do I want to.
Everyone faces his/her fair share of pressures everyday…. My passion-turned-part time-profession Singing has put me under those numerous circumstances of pressure…
To cite the latest – “SPB Ennoda Paatu Paadungal”….
Well, to even be seated around the legend would give the best of singers goosebumps, or even those weird stomach itches… Needless to say, to be given a chance to sing in front of him with the cameras right on your face is all the more ghastly…. It’s just overwhelmingly frightening…
It so happened, that I picked a tough song, I thought I could pull off well…. I still believe so. However, I took the whole thing too casually, I kept humming the song along with the track and assumed I got it all right. Went straight over for the rehearsal and messed up the song from top to toe. That was like a slap on my face for being so over-confident. I was all geared up clear the mess I made of myself. That day was tiring though – sitting in a dingy room with no fan from 9 to 5…. I decided to get myself a good night’s sleep and start working on the song afresh from the next day. My plans went kaboom when I received a call at 8.30 that night from jaya tv, promptly intimating me about recording the very next morning! Highly unexpected. Pooh. I suffered that night.. *very very very tired* *angry* *depressed* *tensed*.. I still managed to practice hard until my voice finally gave up…
Went for shooting early next morning… Ran over the song a zillion times in my head. I still dint have a good feeling though… I knew I’d do better than the rehearsal (thanks to practice session that night).. I wasn’t praying for miracles to happen. When I was finally called on stage to sing, I dint have the presence of mind to even drink water before getting there, my throat was all dry and dead. And there I was, trying to sing one of the toughest songs, ever… I sang like a pregnant woman, taking deep breaths after every word, leaving everyone in unease.
A lot of lessons I learnt – 1. NEVER get on stage without copious amounts practice...2. pick songs that showcase MY style more than anything else... 3. Sometimes, things go wrong, take it well….
The show was telecasted this Saturday…. It’s more like public disgrace of myself… But no, I’m not as embarrassed as I should be. I KNOW I can sing better than that. The same song. Its easy to hold responsible those ‘extra’ factors and say it-was-jus-not-my-day.. But no again, I blame myself just as much as I blame those ‘extra’ factors…
I know I will not hit the stage once again, without adequate practice. I’m working towards it, and I will get there, someday……
This hasn’t been my only ‘failure’…. There are numerous along the lines of music that I can cite…. My very first recording with the maestro Illayaraja that bombed, my very first recording with Yuvan that just slipped outta my hand, my two attempts with L V Ganesh that failed miserably…. If I let these affect me, I should probably quit singing :). But I won’t…
I forgive myself for not doing my best sometimes, cos’ that never happens deliberately. I choose to laugh off those pretty many horrible-singing-instances and take a break from having to be the best all the time…
Nonetheless, I’ll do all I can to keep moving up the progress-line…
On that note, I look back at my lil achievements and sign off, with a big smile….. :)

11 May 2007

Snowed down by the power of music…

Music is such an ocean… Limitless… Boundaryless… Timeless…

It takes a whole cycle of births and deaths to attain moksha, saints say. I wonder if that entire cycle is enough time to understand the depths of music… its technicalities, its complexities…

If God gives me one wish, I KNOW now, that I’m gonna ask him for musical bliss, and nothing else. I want to throw myself into the ocean, and forget myself… all I want to hear is the resonance of Om, ringing in my ears, all the time…

More often than not, people put on some music in the background and go about doing their work…..
Try this – shut yourself out from the rest of the world. Turn off lights. Plug your headphones. Turn up volume. Put on some soul-stirring music… Close your eyes…
I lose myself, everytime I do this…. It transports me to an unknown undiscovered world full of mystery and calm. I place this experience 20 steps higher than meditation even. Such is the power of music. Listening to the resonance of every single instrument in isolation even when they’re all played as one, into your eyes…

I feel taken over sometimes, when I’m blinded amidst magic of music… While my eyes are hooked to the farther most it can see, from the beach shores whilst the waves dance to the rhythm of an indefinitely powerful force… While I kneel before the shrine, my heart at His feet… While I’m drunk on the sounds of tanpura…. While crooning raag yaman kalyani….. the experience is divine.. far beyond heavenly…

‘Voice’ is one of the biggest wonders of the world. One of the finest creations of God.. No two people in the world sound the same. It is one instrument that can be cultured and refined to melody…. I’m not going to let my voice rot another single day… I will nurture it, mother it and foster it with all my heart, for myself and for God…

25 April 2007

Parting Ways...

The depths of emotions I feel right now… Its something the numb me hasn’t felt in a long long time… I’m quite out of the “comfortably numb” shell I got myself into, almost a year ago…. I realize now, that I’m stil my same old emotional self.. just that, it hits not as often as it used to earlier….

I kinda got used to people walking in and out of my life…. I psyched myself to believe that I’m “okay” with it….
Everything’s changing in my life. Coll over. I’m not happy with results. I gotta job. I don’t have a PG admission. All this is still okay.. BUT shooti’s leaving…….

It dint hit me all along, until I had a gtalk convo with her, like a couple of minutes ago….. Shooti is one of my closest friends ever….. I cried like this exactly a year ago, when certain inevitable things happened in my life….. parting with shooti, feels just the same……the same… the same…….

What shooti’s done to my life, I wouldn’t ever be able to write… She’s made me feel pretty, she’s patted my back when I deserved it, she’s wacked my ass when I needed it, she’s mothered me all along.. she’s helped me grow into the person I am, from the very naïve, gullible fool that I was once….. she bears with me even when I’m most annoying, moody, nutty…. Tolerant. In totality.

Shooti has always ensured she gives me her time… infinite hours on phone, those “moments” we’ve shared over a pastry, at the temple...... I don’t know. Words are getting stuck somewhere in my head. It just wont come…
She’s leaving… she’s going away to Singapore to her daddy and mommy and tush bro boy… Embarking upon her, a whole new life.. new country, new people.. carrying with her, some very special memories, chasing the sun…. She’s leaving behind people whom I know mean the world to her…. her friends…… Shooti has however left with me, priceless possessions – her songs. Very pretty songs, that she guards and feeds like a baby to her bosom…..

I know I’m a lucky bitch for having gotten to have her in my life. She’s way too special to me. You won’t know how much. I really don’t know why life has to get us all to part ways…..

Shooti, I’ve been writing this thru our conversation….. it looks battered and unorganized.. but I guess, that’s how its meant to be. I wanted to TRY expressing what I feel for you. But words fail me so bad. I hate myself.

Shooti, its HARD……. Its so hard. Really. You don’t know…. All along, it wasn’t hitting me….. I don’t know why this one convo of ours pushed me to the extremes of my emotions……. So much so, I cant write.

Girl. You will live. And you will live well. Noone can stop that from happening. Not even God… You jus be a good thing that you already are, Shooti. I don’t know. I’m going now. I can’t write more, bye. I want to cry. In peace. Bye.

ps. - thats shooti and me. all smiling and happy.... thats how i feel, when i think of her.... shooti, you're my everything shooti. you be happy and nice.....

29 March 2007

TAG... Picked it up from Nisi..

1. One thing you are very much afraid of?
Losing near and dear ones..

2. Two incidents you can never forget in your life?
Incident 1: Was skipping away to Hindi class wearing a pretty skirt at 7am. I get SLAPPED hard on my right cheek by one mad woman… Done ask me why. That’s unsolved mystery.
Incident 2: Again in the 6th grade – when I was lost in the pee world, not realizing the bolt dint work… A senior happened to get a glimpse of moi and slammed the door back on my face, terrified. Now, now, DON’T over imagine!!!

3.Three books you would love reading again and again?
I don’t read much.. However they’d be..
i. Stop worrying and start thinking – Dale Carnegie
ii. My ‘memoir’ book that my friends filled in the 12th grade, and now in coll…
iii. Nisi + Moi’s paper presentations.. hehe

4. Four women who are most beautiful?
i. Amma
ii. Gautami (My favvvvvvvvv lil cousin. She’s BEAUTIFUL.)
iii. Varunika Vyas (one sweet girl with no false pretense)
iv. Sameera Reddy

5.Five of you favorite food items?
i. chaat
ii. suda suda suda parupu sadham with loads of ghee
iii. ANYTHING sweet
iv. Idiappam Stew
v. Karudam

6.Six words you use very often oral/written?
i. Too much for your FACE
ii. Podi kuppi
iii. LOSER!!
iv. You’re such a weirdo, that’s what you are.
v. Pooh.
vi. Macha..

7.Seven things you like about yourself?
i. I’m very very very caring
ii. I’m sweet
iii. I love my voice
iv. I speak fairly well
v. I’ve LOVELY friends
vi. I’m a silly kid at heart
vii. My moods oscillate….

8. Eight film personalities who are your all time favorites?
i. Tabu
ii. Jyotika
iii. Rani Mukherjee
iv. Rahul Bose
v. Jennifer Aniston
vi. Meera Jasmine
vii. Mathew Perry
viii. Madhavan

9.Nine movies you wont mind watching again and again?
i. Mozhi
ii. Kannathil muthamittal
iii. Bend it like Beckham
iv. Sirahugal
:( everyone knows I aint a movie buff.. and I cant churn out more. However, I love the movies I mentioned…

10.Ten songs you would like to listen to everyday?
i. Most of Mariah Careys.. they’re divine
ii. Rakshagan – Kanava illae kaatra
iii. Guru – Ay Hairathe
iv. Varalaaru – Theeyil vizhindha thaena
v. Pavitra – Uyirum Neeye
vi. Beatles – Let it be
vii. Nisi – Ode to Women
viii. Dulaari – Suhaani Raat
ix. Kaanaa inbam kanindhadheno
x. Desulavuthey

I tag.. Ghanshyam, Painah, Sparrow, The Visitor, Akx, Anjana, Venk...

18 March 2007


Two decades ago, I lay
with my eyes closed, hands fastened,
clasped in my makers’ bosom..

One decade ago, I beam
with my pretty pink frock, red lipstick,
milk teeth making way for vampire-like ones..

Here I am, today…
Carrying memories weighing a twenty years,
Frozen and Numb….

20 years! Phew! It’s not sinking in!!
Despite my claiming to “age gracefully”, being twenty does feel different! And a lot older.. a wee wiser as well! :) To mark this day where my life’s almanac ticks twenty, I had a bunnnnnnnnnnnch of people who’ve made it incredibly special for me…

At dot twelve came in tons of hugs and wishes from all my friends who wouldn’t let me stop smiling for the next couple of hours… Indu mole promptly lit the first wick of my birthday’s kuthuvilakku, followed by Shooti wooti, Cheri berry, the happy budday ringtone gifter Prashanth, Preethi saroj, Barath, Sandy brandy, my lil drunk Sanju, Valu baby and the Bangalore brainchild Vidyashankar.. :)
Mommy and daddy gave me a bear-hug and wished their twenty-year old monument a life of a hundred years… And my bro gave me a sheepish grin, a conscious hug, whispered “happy birthday” and off he went, perching himself in front of the television that telecasted the rather ugly India-Bangladesh match…

Woke up this morning, with Nitu’s call… Jerked out of my bed when the Sand man called! Went to the Ganesh temple with mumma, lit lamps and prayed for my dearest… Paid visit to another temple on my way back home, just to find my lil bro awaiting me with his hand-assembled “basket of goodies” as he likes to call it.. :) In it I find, pretty combs, a Japanese fan, rose tissues, nailpolishes (and a remover to compliment it), pens… and a lil card writ in ink conveying his birthday wishes… Mommy then gave me the very pretty sarees she bought for me (perhaps, signifying that I’m getting older!)… :)

Hand full of goodies, I enter my music-filled room, and hear shrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks followed by a “happy birthday” in chorus! The dumb-struck me shook my head and saw Nisi, Shooti, Icy, Taki, Arch, Sangee, Sandy and Swa flashing their brilliant thirtytwo! The dumb-founded me broke down, completely overawed by the ‘surprise’…. “Phoo”, I blew my n number of candles and cut my pretty brown cake, feeding these babies turn after turn… I got myself an ample ounce of sweet-butter on my moonji(courtesy:Nisi)… and on my hair too(courtesy:Sangee)… I looked something like this:

Then came the gift-opening session…. Taki, Icy, Arch, Nisi’s skirt+mug+mask+jewel box+pretty paper bag+hand made card…. Sandy Swa’s terracotta wall-hanging+grand top+earrings+ mobile pouch… Shooti’s antique face-vase+pearl chain+ram earrings+kutti rings… Sangee’s very thoughtful embroidery kit+pearl earrings+chappal keychain+mobile phone accessories!!!! **my moonji all lit up right now**

Soon after, I did some very appalling “manly” bum-shake to Sean Paul’s Get Busy that completely took away the moments of grace that swa jus delivered with her “Kajra re”… I then, coyly took over the camera to video-fy the danseurs perform – ‘variya ‘and the many songs to follow!

Then came the birthday-girl decking session! All my newly acquired properties were strategically placed all over my body… take a look!!!!!

Meanwhile, mommy made us all a mini-lunch.. Sambhar saadham, alu fry, senakezhangu masiyal, cabbage-peas curry, curd rice, vadumaanga and chips! We kottified beautifully… yapped around for a while, and then the pretty girls went back to their abode… Milli-seconds later, I found myself weeping into my pillow…
Nisi, Shooti, Icy, Taki, Arch, Sangee, Sandy and Swa – thanks a million… you really made my day, so special, so special.. very very special.. To see us all coming together and having such a good time on my birthday was completely overwhelming… really really touched by your gesture, bumbees.. love you all… so much. Thanks a ton…

Lolling at home.. watching tv… orkuting…. Went out in the evening to see the sleep + alcohol deprived S man, who promptly blurted “you look FAT in this dress!” Grrrr…. I chewed his brains off for a while… made him watch aaalllllll the videos in my cam. Nibbled some cookies and then got back home… With this, I call it a day. A special one.

Vikram, Arjun-puri-ganga aunty, Abhi, Sid P, Giriesh, Shitu, Vivek, Rsn, Vanita, Tanu, Benny, Prasad, Vijay, Prakash, Sandeep, Vasuda, Perima, thanks a ton for calling in…
Shweta, Manoj, Vasan, Biju, Sid Deb, Aks, Priya, KK, Deepu, Saikat, Vidya, Mansa, Arjun, Ritesh, Reynah, Preethi, Anthea, Gautam, thanks a ton for messaging in…
Divya Bharath, Vidya, thanks so much for emailing in…
Not forgetting to mention, every one of you who’ve left me orkut scraps… I know I had eight pages full of wishes…. Overwhelming… Thanks so much :)
**hugs** to all you guys… Love you all…

Cheers and smiles,
Me :)

PS: Awaiting lunch with the V boy tom.. With that, my birthday celebs would rest, for the year! :)

11 March 2007

The Pensive Me...

i love this pic... i really do...
i was telling shooti that it should form the cover of a novel! :D :D

for some reason, this picture captures EXACTLY my current moodswing... i dunno..

conceptualized and created by ms. omniscient - nisi bisi dearest :)
nis - thanks a ton :) :)

01 March 2007


I jus wrote a testimonial for my brother on orkut and I’m in all tears…

My lil bro turns 14 tomorrow and I love him oh so much. For some silly reason, I’ve been awfully excited about his birthday for like a few months now. I wouldn’t be able to sleep in peace if I don’t drive him crazy everyday with my loud “babiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, you’re birthday’s coming!!!”… and ah. He used to almost ridicule me for being so silly…

I keep telling my mum, that he should’ve been the elder one in my family, instead of me…. Cos it really feels like he is my elder brother…. And I’m the nutty me, screaming “coo” into his ears; sitting on his lap; filling my mum’s ears with complaints about him not spending time with me; shutting his book when he’s deep into reading and laughing my boisterous laugh; pinnnnnnnching his cheeks until he screams “hariniiiiiiiii stop it”; half opening the door when he’s back from school and slamming it back saying “you can stay out” – the only difference being, he slams the door back on me with his newly developed arm muscles (well, he was stick thin a few months ago.. and suddenly he’s become a power-boy!)..

It’s like I don’t want time to move on so fast. It’s moving on, a lil too fast. Coll’s over even before I digest the fact that I’m in college… My parents are saying stuff like, “finishing studying now, get on your feet soon after.. we wanna get you married down three years”….. Tomorrow is my bro’s birthday and he’s actually turning 14!! Nothing seems to be the same… everything’s changing… and a little too fast…

I go back to those days, where my brother was safe and cozy in my mum’s womb. I remember how proudly I beamed to all my 1st grade friends, that I’m gonna hav a lil baby bro/sis…. I remember the day, 14 years ago, when my dad frantically ran from pillar to post trying to save my mum’s life with some many litres of blood that the doctors demanded “urgently”, for she was in a “critical” state… God’s grace, both the baby and the mother are safe… I was dumbfounded when I first saw this little living being, beside my mum… awfully tiny hands folded so tight, microscopic legs, nose, ears, brown hair… I clung onto my dad’s arms and watched the lil thing, lost in its own world… sleeping…….

We’ve come a long way through… I distinctly remember every moment of his life…. Even those horrible days in the hospital, when he was battling to breathe, jus six months after he was born….. stubborn child he was… and he still is! :)
I loved those days when I was in the fifth grade…. Bro and I used to go to crèche together.. I used to waiiiiiiit for my school bell to ring at the end of the day… I would rush to the cycle stand and peddle as fast as I could, with all my might, to bail my brother out of the crèche... :)

He’s a big boy now... A whole fourteen years old…! A boy who has gathered a lot of traits, attitude, learning, notions, over time….. I guess I’ll take a while to get used to him growing!! As of now, I’m just awed by him, his rate of growth (which is absolutely normal.. just that, I’m still stuck in the past)…

I cherish every moment we've spent together… When he quietly perches on my bike and puts his arms round me, while I ride.. When we hold hands and cross the road as I lead us on with my ridiculous way of wading through vehicles waiting to kill us… When we go out to eat chaat or grab a pastry off and on… Those rare occassions when he says “how was your day…”… Those days when I don’t get home on time, and he very caringly asks Amma “why isn’t Harini back home”… When he says "congrats" and pats my back when i come back with a prize..... Priceless moments… Moments that will remain etched in my memory, forever….

Dearest Baabi bro, I really really love you… You completely rock… I hope you’ve read your testimonial on orkut… Have a wonderful birthday… God bless you.. :)

Spread your wings and fly high...... like a butterfly..........

24 February 2007


Here is an ongoing conversation of two wonderful people namely Mr. Ghanshyam and Ms. Harini. Mr. Ghanshyam is a final year student of Viscom (a line that’s still a mystery to him). He’s a very talented singer and most importantly, a foodie. Ms. Harini is a final year student of B.Com (and she’s dying to graduate). She’s an upcoming singer and again, a big foodie.

The two of them bump into each other on orkut on a Friday evening, as the blogger in Harini does the recording.

H: gimme a lil while.. i'll go gobble food. else i'll cry.
G: eat, girl, to your heart's content...
H: i always eat to my heart's content. which is why my tummy is as big as my heart. rather, bigger.
G: no match for mine, surely?
H: you're a boy. you CAN afford to get heftier.. i cant :(
G: that doesn't make sense to me at all... i thought you're a crusader for equal rights for women and stuff? you're exercising your right to get hefty...
H: lol. bt i dont want to....
i wanna be half my weight!
G: you think i'm proud of my girth? i'm just trying to think up the bright side of being nearly spherical.
H: jus like i always claim that this is a man's world...
i also think its a "slim's world"...
mind you, not THIN.. but SLIM!
G: that is the sad truth i have come to accept... but then sometimes being psychologically slim does just enough to make people forget you aren't quite physically slim... actually, that's all crap, a little more of looking on the bright side...

H: (out of the blue) curd rice, maanga oorga tastes like HEAVEN...............................
(H jus got herself some curd rice maanga oorga, that her amma had beeeeeeautifully pesenjified and put in a kutti dabba for her to eat along with a spoon.. **smiles**)
G: ah, yes... so too does onion rava, and plain dosa, and oothappam, and most things edible...
paruppu sadam drenched with ghee is quite nice too!
H: parupu saadham drenched with gheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. suda suda suda suda. vethakozhambu or sambhar to thottufy. and alu frrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and applaaaaaaaaaaaam!
i wanna eat. now now now now now...
G: hehe... i love simple stuff, like poricha kootu, pumpkin or podalanga or cabbage... and some of the stuff me mum makes in the evenings... what can i say... simply divine... like pudi kozhukattai... mor kali... puli aval... man i simply looooove me mum's cooking!
H: iyer saapaadu rocks, dont you think?
specially kalyana saapaadu!
and i've NEVER not put on.. ATLEAST two kgs, everytime there's a relative's wedding at home..
you must probably ask sangee, what a saapaatu raami i am!
G: hehe... being rotund is all for a good cause, i guess... but some of my friends eat three times as much as i do, and look like straws... unfair...
H: ABSOLUTELY. tell me about it...
and that's GROSSELY (if its a typo, ignore it) unfair..
:( life IS so MEAN................. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i wanna scream.

14 February 2007

Valentines Day... Grrr....

There's NOTHING so nice about V day. Its jus such a farce... Some man-made love-red-valentine-date shit.. I dont like it. I just dont. I mean, I really dont...

In the last 19 V day's i've seen so far, NONE of them have been nice. NONE. Then why such hype for this one blessed day? Arrrgh. Its not even funny.

Mistake-me-not. I dint have a bad day today. Today was like a 100 shades better than the previous 18.. and it was BLISSFUL as compared to that of last year... Ah. I dont wanna get started on that one.... **painful sigh**

But one thing's for sure. I'm never going V day partying-dating-wishing-red'ing-lov'ing (I dint, this year.. AND I wont, ever).. Its some crappy hoax. And I dont like it.

Man.. V day makes me SO ANGRY. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

PS: O that red evil heart is my art piece! **sheepish grin**

13 February 2007

Me: Life is fucky and sucky. I wanna fuck the suck out of my life.
Nisi: ur rambling..

Me: Life is fucky and sucky. I wanna fuck the suck out of my life.
Reynah Painah: cant help u much here... vaccuum cleaner, perhaps?

(Maybe i'll delete this post in a while. For now, let it just be there.)

12 February 2007

Coll life, at a glance...

No particular reason, but I jus realized I end up blogging everytime I want to rant... For a change, I choose to look at the other side of the hedge...

Despite the fact that college (more specifically my department) assumes it has the birthright of converting human-beings into load-carrying donkeys, there still are some things I owe due to credit to college for:

I’d never have had the opportunity to be exposed to the world of glamour, fashion shows, event management, buying-eggs-for-your-boss and carrying-your-boss’s-bag kinda situations, but for my internship at Iris, thanks to college! This was followed by a very professional HR-career management-employee empowerment, 9-6 office, team meetings, deadlines kinda job at OfficeTiger... again, thanks to college! If this had not been a part of curriculum, work-life would still have been something I hadn’t laid my hands on... I’ve built for myself, a lovely social circle as well… I know better now, about what I my career should be like…

MOP bazaar:
This is perhaps one of the BEST things that MOP does for us… This venture has boosted the confidence I had in myself.. Exposed me to the joy of doing business… Some day, I’d like to set up my own business.. I will… Someday….

Nisi, Shooti and me have done the most number of presentations in my opinion.. and I KNOW that my presentation skills have improved with every presentation we’ve made so far… I’ve learnt a good deal from Nisi and Shooti… We’re three over-pressurized souls but somehow, we manage to pull it off really well… this completely offsets for the hard times that we have pre-presentations…

Nisi and I have sentiments attached to college culturals… We breathe music for a whole month before we get on stage… and we rock! Atleast, we used to! Thanks to our super-seniors…

Apart from the above that have helped me develop myself, I’ve learnt a lot of important lessons during these three years:
 People walk in and out of your life; move on unabashed.
 EVERYONE backbites, bitches; get used to it.
 Jealousy is inevitable; ignore it.
 Sometimes, people are DIFFICULT; become tolerant.
 It’s okay to be rude, sometimes.
 People take advantage of you; be assertive.
 It’s not a bad thing to be a bitch at times.
 Sometimes, people are artificially sweet; play along if you have to.

It’s almost over now… 3 whole years… and it did go by real quick… It’s time already where we’re all busy filling each one’s slam books (I should probably call it college memory books), blogging about college reminiscences, planning farewell, planning future, a time where you just fix your gaze on a friend of yours and you’re lost in thought with of the hazaar instances you’ve yelled, cursed, laughed with each other… Yes, college life is over, for all of us.. Sometimes it feels like its sunk in… Sometimes, I really don’t know if I’m ready to digest the uncertainty that stands before me…

I really dunno if I’m gonna miss college per se; I miss school…. But college? I dunno yet..

My dear college friends (more specifically nisi icy taki shooti sangee sandy swa arch) – Here’s hoping we keep in touch, for years to come (to whatever extent possible practically)… We’ve had some wonderful times together.. also, times when we’ve wanted to strangle each other… nevertheless, lets carry happy memories and move on… Here’s hoping all of you life a lovely life… Someday, we’ll all bump into each other and cry or laugh our hearts out, reminiscing these days…..

Cheers to all you guys, who’ve made me cry and put a smile on my face in all these years…

Me :)

08 February 2007


Every other person: “Hey! You’re graduating now… What next??”
Me: Grrrrrrrrr… I DUNNO.
I really DUNNO.
I wish I knew though.

Some pretty souls: “Hey! You were doing CA, right? How’s it coming along? Cleared?”
Me: Ha. NO. I quit. 2 years ago. **snap**

My older brothers and sisters: “Work and then do your MBA.. You can get the best out of it, only then.”
Me: Okay, brother, sister. Point noted.

Amma, Appa: “You will get NOWHERE with your B.Com. Study now, or never.”
Me: Umm…. I’ll try ma.. I’ll try pa.. I will. I will.
MSW -- **ponder** **pondering**

Random people: MSW???????? What’s thaaaaaaaaaaat?
Me: Uh… it’s called Masters in Social Work. I intend specializing in HR.
Random people: Ohhhh! **giggles**
Me: **wearing a ‘what’s so funny’ look**

Orkut friends: Hey! Wassup with your singing “career”?
Me: Dude! I don’t have one. I wish I did, though!

Coll friends: You can sing macha… You’re settled.. What will I do?
Me: Do you REALLY think I’m “settled”?!?!?! **blink blink**

Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Oldies, Youngies: How was CAT?
Me: Next question, please!
Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Oldies, Youngies: How was XAT?
Me: **eyes rolling** Don’t you get it??? NEXT QUESTION PLEASE!!

The yo-people: Oi! Write gmat, go abroad and study na!
Me: hehe. You’ll gimme money???!
**now should I laugh or should I cry?**

Me to ALL: dear everyone, thanks for showering concern… Leme think in isolation and figure out what I wanna do… and when I decide, I’ll tell you..
Until then, leave me alone, will you?!

30 January 2007

Bring it on...!

O Holy 2007!
What do thou have in store for moi?
A year full of work and toil?
Are you trying to remake me into a dustbin?
Or are you just trying to tantalize me beyond a point where I’ll crack?
I don’t get it.
Maybe you’re just trying to get me to work for every crumb
like an ant?
Why oh why?
I love being lazy..
Why won’t you let me yawn my way into fairyland in class?
Why won’t you let me do my anchor stitchkits in peace?
Or atleast let me socialize for God’s sake!

You’ve turned my life into that of a bee. A busy bee.
Come; take a look into my calendar.
Google. Google. Google.
Enough. I’ve googled enough.
Ppt. Ppt. Ppt.
Enough. I’ve made enough presentations.
Cat. Xat. Tiss.
I’ve had enough and more of all this (as well).
Aaaaaaaaaah! Are you deaf?
Can you REALLY not hear me scream?
2007! O holy 2007!
Yeah, pun intended.
You aint holy.
You’re jus mean.
I wanna go on a holiday.
Let me go.
I’ll come back and then you can go about your dumping business.

Go easy, though.
Have a heart. I’m just a human being.
Not a cow. Not a bee. Not an ant.
Pooh. I’m doing all that you’re shoving on me now,
If not anything else, gimme fruit. Nice ripe ones.
Will you? Oh, will you?

Well, you’re the master.
I’m your slave.
You’re telling me that my ‘jobless days’ are over.
All over. Once and for all.
Hmmph. Sounds positively disgusting.
Nevertheless, I’m gonna try and digest that…
Not like you’re giving me a choice.
Gimme the strength and courage to face
all the challenges you are throwing on me.
Make me strong. Make me fearless.
Chi. Rejuvenate chi in my body.
Light some incense sticks in my mind. Vacuum clean my brains.
Let me face all that you’re tossing on me
With a difference. A different mindset.
A positive one. A positive one.
**Deep Breath**
Come 2007. Bring it on… Gimme more.
I’ll do it. I’ll do it all…
I will stand tall…
I will be a champion.
I will. Yes, I will.