24 February 2007


Here is an ongoing conversation of two wonderful people namely Mr. Ghanshyam and Ms. Harini. Mr. Ghanshyam is a final year student of Viscom (a line that’s still a mystery to him). He’s a very talented singer and most importantly, a foodie. Ms. Harini is a final year student of B.Com (and she’s dying to graduate). She’s an upcoming singer and again, a big foodie.

The two of them bump into each other on orkut on a Friday evening, as the blogger in Harini does the recording.

H: gimme a lil while.. i'll go gobble food. else i'll cry.
G: eat, girl, to your heart's content...
H: i always eat to my heart's content. which is why my tummy is as big as my heart. rather, bigger.
G: no match for mine, surely?
H: you're a boy. you CAN afford to get heftier.. i cant :(
G: that doesn't make sense to me at all... i thought you're a crusader for equal rights for women and stuff? you're exercising your right to get hefty...
H: lol. bt i dont want to....
i wanna be half my weight!
G: you think i'm proud of my girth? i'm just trying to think up the bright side of being nearly spherical.
H: jus like i always claim that this is a man's world...
i also think its a "slim's world"...
mind you, not THIN.. but SLIM!
G: that is the sad truth i have come to accept... but then sometimes being psychologically slim does just enough to make people forget you aren't quite physically slim... actually, that's all crap, a little more of looking on the bright side...

H: (out of the blue) curd rice, maanga oorga tastes like HEAVEN...............................
(H jus got herself some curd rice maanga oorga, that her amma had beeeeeeautifully pesenjified and put in a kutti dabba for her to eat along with a spoon.. **smiles**)
G: ah, yes... so too does onion rava, and plain dosa, and oothappam, and most things edible...
paruppu sadam drenched with ghee is quite nice too!
H: parupu saadham drenched with gheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. suda suda suda suda. vethakozhambu or sambhar to thottufy. and alu frrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and applaaaaaaaaaaaam!
i wanna eat. now now now now now...
G: hehe... i love simple stuff, like poricha kootu, pumpkin or podalanga or cabbage... and some of the stuff me mum makes in the evenings... what can i say... simply divine... like pudi kozhukattai... mor kali... puli aval... man i simply looooove me mum's cooking!
H: iyer saapaadu rocks, dont you think?
specially kalyana saapaadu!
and i've NEVER not put on.. ATLEAST two kgs, everytime there's a relative's wedding at home..
you must probably ask sangee, what a saapaatu raami i am!
G: hehe... being rotund is all for a good cause, i guess... but some of my friends eat three times as much as i do, and look like straws... unfair...
H: ABSOLUTELY. tell me about it...
and that's GROSSELY (if its a typo, ignore it) unfair..
:( life IS so MEAN................. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i wanna scream.

14 February 2007

Valentines Day... Grrr....

There's NOTHING so nice about V day. Its jus such a farce... Some man-made love-red-valentine-date shit.. I dont like it. I just dont. I mean, I really dont...

In the last 19 V day's i've seen so far, NONE of them have been nice. NONE. Then why such hype for this one blessed day? Arrrgh. Its not even funny.

Mistake-me-not. I dint have a bad day today. Today was like a 100 shades better than the previous 18.. and it was BLISSFUL as compared to that of last year... Ah. I dont wanna get started on that one.... **painful sigh**

But one thing's for sure. I'm never going V day partying-dating-wishing-red'ing-lov'ing (I dint, this year.. AND I wont, ever).. Its some crappy hoax. And I dont like it.

Man.. V day makes me SO ANGRY. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

PS: O that red evil heart is my art piece! **sheepish grin**

13 February 2007

Me: Life is fucky and sucky. I wanna fuck the suck out of my life.
Nisi: ur rambling..

Me: Life is fucky and sucky. I wanna fuck the suck out of my life.
Reynah Painah: cant help u much here... vaccuum cleaner, perhaps?

(Maybe i'll delete this post in a while. For now, let it just be there.)

12 February 2007

Coll life, at a glance...

No particular reason, but I jus realized I end up blogging everytime I want to rant... For a change, I choose to look at the other side of the hedge...

Despite the fact that college (more specifically my department) assumes it has the birthright of converting human-beings into load-carrying donkeys, there still are some things I owe due to credit to college for:

I’d never have had the opportunity to be exposed to the world of glamour, fashion shows, event management, buying-eggs-for-your-boss and carrying-your-boss’s-bag kinda situations, but for my internship at Iris, thanks to college! This was followed by a very professional HR-career management-employee empowerment, 9-6 office, team meetings, deadlines kinda job at OfficeTiger... again, thanks to college! If this had not been a part of curriculum, work-life would still have been something I hadn’t laid my hands on... I’ve built for myself, a lovely social circle as well… I know better now, about what I my career should be like…

MOP bazaar:
This is perhaps one of the BEST things that MOP does for us… This venture has boosted the confidence I had in myself.. Exposed me to the joy of doing business… Some day, I’d like to set up my own business.. I will… Someday….

Nisi, Shooti and me have done the most number of presentations in my opinion.. and I KNOW that my presentation skills have improved with every presentation we’ve made so far… I’ve learnt a good deal from Nisi and Shooti… We’re three over-pressurized souls but somehow, we manage to pull it off really well… this completely offsets for the hard times that we have pre-presentations…

Nisi and I have sentiments attached to college culturals… We breathe music for a whole month before we get on stage… and we rock! Atleast, we used to! Thanks to our super-seniors…

Apart from the above that have helped me develop myself, I’ve learnt a lot of important lessons during these three years:
 People walk in and out of your life; move on unabashed.
 EVERYONE backbites, bitches; get used to it.
 Jealousy is inevitable; ignore it.
 Sometimes, people are DIFFICULT; become tolerant.
 It’s okay to be rude, sometimes.
 People take advantage of you; be assertive.
 It’s not a bad thing to be a bitch at times.
 Sometimes, people are artificially sweet; play along if you have to.

It’s almost over now… 3 whole years… and it did go by real quick… It’s time already where we’re all busy filling each one’s slam books (I should probably call it college memory books), blogging about college reminiscences, planning farewell, planning future, a time where you just fix your gaze on a friend of yours and you’re lost in thought with of the hazaar instances you’ve yelled, cursed, laughed with each other… Yes, college life is over, for all of us.. Sometimes it feels like its sunk in… Sometimes, I really don’t know if I’m ready to digest the uncertainty that stands before me…

I really dunno if I’m gonna miss college per se; I miss school…. But college? I dunno yet..

My dear college friends (more specifically nisi icy taki shooti sangee sandy swa arch) – Here’s hoping we keep in touch, for years to come (to whatever extent possible practically)… We’ve had some wonderful times together.. also, times when we’ve wanted to strangle each other… nevertheless, lets carry happy memories and move on… Here’s hoping all of you life a lovely life… Someday, we’ll all bump into each other and cry or laugh our hearts out, reminiscing these days…..

Cheers to all you guys, who’ve made me cry and put a smile on my face in all these years…

Me :)

08 February 2007


Every other person: “Hey! You’re graduating now… What next??”
Me: Grrrrrrrrr… I DUNNO.
I really DUNNO.
I wish I knew though.

Some pretty souls: “Hey! You were doing CA, right? How’s it coming along? Cleared?”
Me: Ha. NO. I quit. 2 years ago. **snap**

My older brothers and sisters: “Work and then do your MBA.. You can get the best out of it, only then.”
Me: Okay, brother, sister. Point noted.

Amma, Appa: “You will get NOWHERE with your B.Com. Study now, or never.”
Me: Umm…. I’ll try ma.. I’ll try pa.. I will. I will.
MSW -- **ponder** **pondering**

Random people: MSW???????? What’s thaaaaaaaaaaat?
Me: Uh… it’s called Masters in Social Work. I intend specializing in HR.
Random people: Ohhhh! **giggles**
Me: **wearing a ‘what’s so funny’ look**

Orkut friends: Hey! Wassup with your singing “career”?
Me: Dude! I don’t have one. I wish I did, though!

Coll friends: You can sing macha… You’re settled.. What will I do?
Me: Do you REALLY think I’m “settled”?!?!?! **blink blink**

Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Oldies, Youngies: How was CAT?
Me: Next question, please!
Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Oldies, Youngies: How was XAT?
Me: **eyes rolling** Don’t you get it??? NEXT QUESTION PLEASE!!

The yo-people: Oi! Write gmat, go abroad and study na!
Me: hehe. You’ll gimme money???!
**now should I laugh or should I cry?**

Me to ALL: dear everyone, thanks for showering concern… Leme think in isolation and figure out what I wanna do… and when I decide, I’ll tell you..
Until then, leave me alone, will you?!