27 July 2007

Randoming Babblings...

Man…… it feels so so so good to have net at home! Pooh. Comforts –ultimately that’s what all of us want to have. I used to loathe sitting in those dingy cyber cafes trying beat those keyboards frantically cos’ they were jus so annoying…
I finally feel like my life’s normal… sitting in my room, late night.. in front of my comp.. orkuting, chatting and trying to fill up something in my long-ignored blog :)

I’m listening to my “nee kavidhai” now.. and I like it! :D like really like it… I’m so happy. **pat pat on my back**

College is edho okay okay.. nice bunch of seniors… But I’m longing to have fun with my friends – shooti nisi and all of them… also, prasad anthea and all of them… and sanju and v boy ofcourse :), that goes without saying!

You know what? I’ll come up with a decent post soon… this hardly qualifies to be a blog entry. None of my posts qualify :). Like akx rightly mentioned, I sound like a two year old! I’ll try and come up with a “grown up” post next!

Until then… tata. :)

PS - i dont know why i put this picture. i just put it. doesnt it make you want to scratch your brains with like your toes or something? or maybe something worse. i dont know. you teme.