26 January 2009

Crack in the wall

It’s strange how people whom you place on a mountain top suddenly throw you off the cliff. The two people fondly nurture a relationship with love, time and care…. It grows up to be a beautiful one, all strong, healthy and happy….

Little would you expect an Arnold Schwarzenegger like strong building to crumble to bits. Wonder where the cracks came from, in the first place…

Any idea?

My guesses:
** Take the other person for granted
** Cease to appreciate (not verbally) importance/niceness of the other person
** Expectations mismatch
** Insensitiveness owing to no particular reason
** Change in priorities/people

Got some band aid, anyone? One that will crease out the crack entirely...

20 January 2009

Divinity personified

Few people emanate energy than can melt your thickest bone down to powder in split seconds… We place spiritual leaders and living Gods’ on a different pedestal all together, for there’s something extremely positive and an out-of-the-ordinary feeling that you experience, when you are in their midst…

I’ve been blessed infinitely to be around one such person, who is most certainly Goddess Saraswathi’s male incarnation… I can spend the rest of my life at his feet, listening to miracles he creates with his heavenly veena…

I don’t remember what brought me to his concert, at first… I knew I was in for a musical treat… Little did I expect to be transported into a state of numbness… Tears froze and I just sat there, unable to move a limb…. For weeks after that magical evening, I was unable to keep my mind off the reverberations his soul created that transcended all forms music I’ve ever heard… I spent sleepless, restless nights drunken on his music… Divine, to the say the least…

Even youtube videos of sir’s music, makes me shiver… I’m right now listening to a piece that’s sending me chills all over again…

It is unquestionably an experience of a lifetime to watch him weave magic with those fervent fingers… As if the aura he exuberates is not enough, he has an absolutely stellar team of musicians who complement his performance perfectly without overshadowing his touches, one bit… Coordination, precision and timing can’t get more perfect. Every beat keeps you on your toes. I’m always all nervous, holding my heart in my hand, wondering what’s coming up next. And no, even if he’s playing the same piece in two concerts, you cannot tell which performance was better. Each time, he unfolds absolutely unexpected elements and puts you in a state of euphoria yet again…

I feel like an ant when I meet him. Nervous, sometimes… But it’s amazing how he puts you at ease… One of the most chill persons, I’ve ever met… Absolutely no airs about himself.. Unassuming and bubbling with positive energy all the time… Oh so humble… He appreciates… He talks to you like you’re a girl next door… Sometimes, it makes me want to pinch myself to believe he’s as humble as he is…

I don’t think my words can do any justice in describing how superlative a person he is or each of his concerts are…

Rajhesh Vaidhya Sir, I know you will be reading this… Here’s my way of telling you, that I worship you and your music… I will always crave to hear more of you… I apologize profusely for not being able to attend all of your concerts this season… I will make up for it in your concerts to come…

Although I’m way younger than you, I will pray for God’s choicest blessings on you. May the world hear more and more of your music everlastingly… Please continue to brighten lives of your devout fans like me…

I seek your blessings…


Here's a piece from the Veena God Rajhesh Vaidhya, taken from his performance at Chennaiyil Thiruvaiyaru...

11 January 2009


You play tricks with me, dear life
make me sad as a shrunken pea one day
make me spring up and down like an insane frog another day
what hath thou in store for me?

Must I spend this year singing away to glory in studios?
Or handle irrational problems of human beings at work?
Must I clutch onto a pen and paint a thousand words?
Tell me… which side do I sway?

Instincts tell me this year’s going to be great
not just good, but great!
Smiles, thrills, chills, happiness and no pills
But sigh… which side do I sway?

A sudden gush of positive energy
I know not from where
But this unflinching dilemma
I know not how to spare

O good Lord,
Show me a clear way
Heart or head;
Which side do I sway?

05 January 2009


My dearest darlingest blog,

I know I’ve ignored for too long. I wasn’t even that busy. But I just didn’t get myself to write. I’m very sorry.

But hey! 2009 is here. This year, I shall not take off on a long hiatus like last year.. I'll write.. and I'll write my heart :)

Happy new year to you and all who’ve cared to drop into my blog in the past!

Me :)