17 November 2008

Dark blue

I don't understand why life throws on you situations when you have to cry like someone died.
No reason. No whatever.
Jus blues. and the blues are very very blue.
When is it going to freaking turn pink? I like pink, you know? And I miss pink. A lot.

19 September 2008

Zero to Hero

I certainly believe there’s another Dhirubhai Ambani in the making...
Here’s an Ode to Sarath Babu and his undaunted fervor…

Momma lean and poor
Toils all day to earn a Re 1
All the energy and love she showers
To raise her little ones

Multiple jobs she has at hand
Tired, but determined all along
Dwells on platforms, the poor man’s land
Teaches her children, right and wrong.

Many a castle she built in air
Off to school, her many children go
Kerosene lamps was all she could afford
Quality of life couldn’t suck more

Blessed she was with a boy so sweet
God’s own child, he was.
Momma’s burdens he carries on his feet
And turned around their lives full of flaws.

He toiled like an ant
Relentlessly day and night
To noone he could vent, puff or rant
But in the end, he got it all right

BITS Pilani he plunked into
Much to everyone’s surprise
Pavement to campus- a transformation, that.
Indeed he was a superman in disguise.

Polaris pecked him away from there
Three years he worked and worked
Debts he repaid with utmost care
In parallel, he studied and studied.

Three times in a row he tried
To meow the un-crackable CAT
With viral fever he was being fried
Yet, he made it through to IIM A, just like that!

Two years of relentless coaching
Dreams being fondled more and more
“No” he said to companies that poached him
“Idlies I want to sell”, he swore.

2000 rupees
Mumbai platform
Mother’s blessings
Dreams that weighed a million tonnes

Thus, the birth of ‘Food King’.

At ISTD Regional Conference today, I had the privilege of listening to Sarath Babu address us straight from the heart. He spoke about his hardships and how his single minded dedication and focus got him here. With all my gut, I can swear he’d be one of India’s most admired entrepreneurs. He’s well on his way out there…

Sarath, you inspire many a lives. You are non-modestly humble, profoundly young, gigantically sensitive to others and simply big. I know you’re going to be reading this. Here’s **bows** to you and your mother. May you continue to touch many a lives and miraculously transform them all, beneath your wings.

13 September 2008

How MEN just get away!

It’s amazing how some men BURY themselves in work absolutely oblivious of environment around. By environment, I mean more of social environment. They’re bestowed with the art of shutting out! They can get so self obsessed that ugh! A tsunami won’t move them.

Like it’s just so amazing how they FORGET for however long their buried in their work and for a much long time after, their near and dear ones!

Here’s a typical scenario:

Girl 1
**last night** 00.17

Girl 1
**last night** 00.23

Girl 1
**last night** 01.04

Girl 1
**this morning** 05.43

Girl 2
**this morning** 08.30

Girl 1
**this morning** 09.23

Girl 2
**this morning** 11.05

Girl 3
**this afternoon** 12.55

Girl 1
**this afternoon ** 14.00

Boy 1
**this evening** 14.25

Girl 1
**this evening** 15.59

Girl 2
**this evening ** 17.46

Girl 1
**this evening** 17.53

Girl 2
**this evening** 19.23

Girl 1
**this evening** 20.20

Girl 2
**this evening** 21.47

16 missed calls
Cell phone log, that.

And this ridiculous man finally calls back…. The women, especially Girl 1 who’s utterly frustrated, devastated, broke, miserable, angry, cry-ish, weep-ish, wail-ish, tear-ish, blubber-ish, bawl-ish, sob-ish, wimper-ish (yea I know all of these ish’s mean the same. I used the thesauraus)…. You get the point don’t you? If you’re a girl reading this, you’ve probably been in this situation 'n' number of times. And if you’re a guy, heck. I can see those ugly grins.

Yea so where was I? The man. The 16 missed calls man. He calls back…. (btw, NOT all men return calls. Even if it is 25097 missed calls, it might still go unnoticed).

Boy: “heyyyyyyyyyyy ^^girl1^^”
Girl: “why haven’t you been picking up my calls? I’ve been so worried. Is everything okay?....................................**sobs ecstatically** OR **puts up price** OR **vennnnnntttss frustration**
Boy: “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”
Girl: “Okay... I’m sorry. Take care. Eat on time, ^^boy^^… Please take care..”

HUH? I mean really… HUH?????!!!!!!!!
The blah’s that this boy spoke…. I don’t even want to mention! They range from flattery to oh-i-was-EXTREMELY-busy-and-haven’t-eaten-all-day stories to contingency-stories which you HAVE to believe…. Any more tactics? I can’t think of allll of them now!

There’s this boy I know who uses a new one on me:
Ignores calls, text messages on phone, emails, messages through friends, a thousand hi-pings on gtalk and all of the communication channels possible! And when he has seen too much of my vain attempts at reaching him, **ping** comes the much awaited **ping**!

Here’s a glimpse at how this strategy works:
Boy: heya!
Me: hey ^^boy^^
Boy: very busy you have become…
does not answer my calls…
reply to my messages…
eat out with me…
spend time with me…
etc.. etc…
has all the fun in coimbatore…
meano meano…
grows fat and returns…
and keeps falling all over the place!!!
but she’s the bestest!!
Me: okay yea. Your mission accomplished.
You made me smile :)
Boy: **evil grins**
Me: but that DOES NOT mean you don’t see me for the next 500 days or ignore my call
Boy: :) :)

**eyes popping out**
Well, this conversation ain’t lame. He isn’t lame, neither am I. It’s just the WAYYYYY they say it. Ridiculously charming. Adorably annoying. Cheekly cuddly.
And how we melt like useless sponges and forget all the waiting and unattended calls!

And in this case, this boy very conveniently transferred ownership of all of HIS evil deeds onto me! And very sweetly, that! How convenient! I should've recorded these conversations and attached them as audiofiles here! Grrr....

Freakin MEN! How easily you get away! Asses! I feel like poking all of your bums with needle.

But we will always love you :)

Disclaimer – I’m NOT the Girl1 or Girl2 or Girl3 registered in the 16 missed calls man's log. And this man holds no real resemblance to anyone in my life.
Reiterating: Characters Girl1,2,3 and the 16 missed calls man are FICTIOUS.
No offense meant, hope none taken!

Low log

Do I call it coincidence or what? I always end up thinking about my beloved blog only when I’m low. So much so, it looks like a blog of some eternally depressed soul. So on those rare occasions when I tell people that I own a blog, I begin the blog advertisement with a disclaimer. One that states, don’t get scandalized by the number of depressing posts out there. It jus so happens, that my blog serves as quite a vent-out-receiving machine, most times…

Now that might get you to think I’m low now… Well, I don’t know. I had long day. A very long one, that. HR Symphony. Event went on well. Not like I had much to do…

Somewhere, there has been some disconnect. I had an amaaaaaaaazing trip to Coimbatore a couple of days ago. A part-adventurous one, too. Strange, I feel quite funny now. Pretty much the other extreme.

Despite all the fun I have, off and on… These lows seem to be hitting quite hard. Hmmpf. Okay, I need sleep. Ta.

I just feel like putting this picture...

07 August 2008

Beat the Challenge Blue-Black

More frustration
Creativity block CRISIS
Wakeful night

Aggressive morning
Breathing in deep
Jogging profusely
Taking a nice cold shower
Praying hard
Start over
Search. Look. Browse. Hunt. Research.
Complete vain
Waste of time
Deadline reminder
More frustration

Seeks advice
Frantic phone calls
Chat scripts and ideas
*Feel good pat* from friend far of

Breathing again
Deeper, this time
Rejuvenating Chi
Fresh mind

Hours and hours of undivided attention
Unbounded commitment
Proof read
*Pat pat pat pat*
*More smiles*
*Happy sleep*

17 July 2008


Cries when she’s thrilled
Wails ecstatically when upset
Expresses so easily
Feels from the bottom of her heart
Goes out of her way to make someone happy
Finds silliest things cute
Can make people laugh
Gives selflessly
Cares more with time
Is oh so sensitive
Espouses what her special people like
Gets hurt so easily…
Laughs like a butterfly instantly
Sleeps like an angel…
Loves like there’s no tomorrow

is also

13 July 2008

Mind your business

Have fun

Speak your heart

Feel lighter

Feel human

Admit your confusion
Seek advice

Work more


But DON’T you freakin
Comment unsolicited
Hurt me
And go.

MIND your business.

You don’t look like God.
You’re not God.
You can’t be one either.

Look at yourself full of flaws.
I’m way better.
Don’t you freakin come my way.

I’m fine.
By myself.

06 July 2008

Ravaging dent

And he kicked her with these.

Broken heart.
Tears made brooks.
Simple craving.
Ravaging dent.
Pitiful woes.
Darned heart.

Itchy heart.
Whims and fancies.
Greed, imprudence and more.
Hoodwinked her.
Deceived her also.
Foolhardy heart.

Kneels before God.
Prays unto Him.
For Forgiveness.
For him.

*Pristine heart*

01 July 2008

Impulsive Post

Okay. Jus some blah stuff.

Here's what I really want to do:

1. Write a freaking nice post on this blog. I know I've ignored it tooo long.
2. Bash up the boy who's pulling my leg on Gtalk now. He's calls himself Bee.
3. Learn "Devanganangal" and "La tibki" songs, NOW. Challenging.
4. Finish up my pending articles
5. Jive my life out (I should learn to Jive first)
6. Slap someone's face real hard. Like I mean HARD. Bee seems most likely to be my victim :)
7. Prick the puss off my finger. It's swollen to thrice its volume, for quite a bit now.
8. Buy an Optra
9. Eat corn cheese balls, bread with spinach dip, D9 salad and B29 pasta at Little Italy

I cant think of more.

Actually I thought of one more.

10. Get some sleep now.

20 June 2008


Just experienced a moment of bliss…

One moment that sent me CHILLS down my body, mind and soul….
I feel numb now, unable to believe what I just went through…
But it is one moment I’ll remember for life…

God, I love you…

19 March 2008

21 years...

I think God has just decided to bless me more and more, as he does a plus one to my age, every year…

No expectations, just a simple day, was all I wanted… A day with my dearest ones… Happy and smiling…

12am to 2am was like two hours of continuous smiles and thank you’s from my end… thoroughly excited and refreshed with every one who called in to wish me…

V boy drove down at 12.30 and mommy was surprisingly nice enough to let me go downstairs to see him. I had the prettiest half an hour, ever… and certainly, more than I’d ever have asked for. It was like a fantasy. I couldn’t believe my day actually began with V’s wishes, that too, in person!

Distance is NO bar for a relationship… Shooti, my nri singaporee friend sent me an email. I choose not to even write about it. But it was something that made my emotions flow criss-cross in an icily numb state of mind… I just wished my birthday was over right then, cos’ I’d already had some very unexpectedly heavenly moments…

Woke up this morning, to many more pretty calls and more from ma, pa and bro… Finally got out of my bed, feeling anew. Refreshed and adorned myself in pretty clothes and headed to meet the Lord. I could actually see Him smiling and me and saying “Rock on” :) He showed me a thumbs up as well! :) The priest laid my flowers at His feet and I just sat right there, thanking Him for all that He has given me in 21 years of my life…

Sanju boy called in alas, after college and we went to Barbeque Nation in T Nagar. Sir loved the place and we had a lovely time together, catching up on times… Also recollecting the years we’ve spent together and how life has changed… We were soon joined by Divu who instantly spread her charisma and changed the tone of the afternoon to a very chirpy, bubbly, high energy one. A birthday card that has the sweetest words etched on it, a cherubic portrait of the two of us framed to exactness that any beholder would cast eyes on and some very pretty kurtas, all wrapped with loads of love and hugs was what she bequeathed me with right then. Little did I know, there was more to come…

We got back home all stuffed with food and lots of burp. That’s ideally what you would call a “pig out” session cos’ that’s how much we ate. We relaxed for a while, we had a megha-song-listening session plus a picture-seeing session coupled with conversation… We then set out for some coffee. Strangely Divu wanted to go to “cotton world” to “check out” some clothes… So we did that and then went to Movenpick and I see V boy, Clydo and Michelle right there!! I assumed it was coincidence that they were there too! And soon beat my head to realize that this was a lil surprise party that they threw for me!!! (Courtesy: Clyde and Divya. **hugs**) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I was just so lost and it took a while to sink in that it’s my birthday and I’m right there with my dearest people!! V boy asked me to turn around and I see a huge box out there, as tall as me. “Open it, that’s your gift”, he said. It was a box that can probably fit in a refrigerator in it!
I open that big thing, just to find my clone in it. A bigger clone. A lifesize teddy bear. Like really HUGE. I lost it! It was the most unexpected thing ever. It’s something I’d take care of more than I might even care for my own child. Here’s what my new family member looks like:

All of us went to Tangerine from there… Sanju couldn’t join us, unfortunately. Raka and Rahul joined us out there. We had a lovely time at dinner. Tripping on each other, roaring and laughing! That’s all we did. Listening to Beatles in the background was a treat as well. It was then time for birthday cake! Can anything ever beat the joy of cutting a birthday cake?! Pretty moments…

Finally bid bye to all… V boy dropped Divu, Teddy bear and me home…

My irreplaceable lil brother who had been counting every minute welcomed me back home with open arms. My cousin Murali and ma lit up and gave me their best smiles. Bro had bought me a lovely birthday cake as well. ‘Fooo’ I blew the candles and cut my birthday cake and sweetened their tongues.

Divu and I then got back to my room… Found a courier from Sangee who’d sent it all the way from Hyderabad. I choked for I couldn’t take surprises anymore. Utterly touched, I opened each one of my gifts and cherished them all…

I don’t know. I’ve never thought I deserved any of this. To be loved is the best gift any human being can ever get. I’ve been showered bountifully with all the love of God through all my wonderful people.

Rohan, Prasad – thanks for the innumerable sms’s all through the day. You were incredibly sweet…

To EACH and EVERY ONE of you who remembered me today… Thanks a bunch. You really made my day…. I love you all so much. I cant cry more…

Happy tears…

08 March 2008

Profound Musings…

Life goes around in circles… Ups and downs are inevitable in anyone’s life. It’s amazing how you can laugh your lungs out at one particular time of the day and have the most depressing moment with even just a phone call, a minute or two after that wonderful laugh! Unpredictable, yet that’s how it is…

So many wonderful people have been a part of my life, all through these 20 years… and as I’m nearing completion of 21 years, I realize I’ve never really stopped by to thank anyone or tell them how special they are and how pretty they’ve made my life…

Even though I hate to admit, my happiness/sorrow depends to a large extent on incidents, people in my life. Yeah, that’s pretty much how it is for all of us, but I guess I’m the one notch extra dependant on my friends, family. You know what I’m talking about – emotional attachment. Finding peace by myself, just being with myself is not so easy for me. I prefer a bunch of people around me all the time. Nothing can replace moments of togetherness and fun a bunch of nice friends share – be it over a cup of coffee or a plate full of yummy food. I would give up lone space to group fun, any day…

My life hasn’t changed around too much, at least over the last 2 years. But I see rampant change in my social circle – each one in different parts of the globe, doing different things. Strange that I’m more connected to those outside the city than those inside! And somehow I don’t feel like I’m doing enough to make any of these wonderful people feel that they really mean the world to me…

I know I’m just going to complete 21 years of age and that isn’t much. But I find myself going on my knees and pleading for more time cos’ things are changing a little too fast. My extra emotional conversation with my mom made me realize I’m not even going to have the privilege of living with my parents under one roof for say more than 2-3 yeas from now. God knows work or marriage is going to take me.

Like I was mentioning before, most of my extra good friends have already left the city and are making their own lives as they have shaped destiny… Some of my other friends are on their way outside, to make themselves better lives. Here I am, struggling all by myself. I don’t have the least of willingness to let anyone go. I just want everything to be just as pretty as it used to be. All I want is more and more moments of togetherness and laughter. Seemingly, I can do that only through the e-world or the phone-world now. Thanks to technology, I can at least do that!

Anyways, on that note here I am, adopting another media of technology – blogging, to tell you all lovely people out there, that I miss you and I’m going to miss you more. Thanks for making my life so inevitably pretty and meaningful all along. Thanks for making me what I am. Thanks for just being there, always…

I love you all – family, friends…

**wailing ecstatically; joy meets sorrow**