22 June 2007


I wish I were a bee…
Like a nice chrome yellow bumble-bee…
I dunno if I’d sting and all..
But yeah, I’d love to manufacture honey.
Maybe even sell it to dabur.
So that they can add all that they add and sell it in bottles.
With my picture on it.
But I’m a fat bumble bee. With dimples.
So they should just put my picture.
And mention – “Source: this pretty bumbee called Harini”

How’d I go about manufacturing honey?
I’ll first fly all around…
Chennai Bangalore everywhere..
I’ll go to Singapore also. And meet some bee friends of mine there..
Yeah, so I’ll pick a pretty garden..
With many color color flowers.
Pink. Purple. Red. Pink..
I’ll go flower-hopping..
I’ll dance tra-la-la-la… and sing aloud…
All flowers around are jus gonna watch my performance in awe
They’ll all call me to their home..
And I’ll dance and sing for all of them..
Special bum-dance for certain extra nice flowers I’ll do..
And I’ll go to my home with loads of nectar.
All my baby bees would be waiting for me..
So would my hubby bee..
I’ll give him a hug… and put them all to sleep.
But God made me a queen bee.
So I have to work. Tirelessly.
I’ll store all the nectar in my hood.
And then call dabur boys.
I wont let them burn us up.
I’ll jus give them my honey generously.
cos’ they’re making me famous
By putting my picture on their bottles
that reads – Source: “this pretty bumbee called Harini”

13 June 2007


i made that bhooth.
i was making my way to the r t o, but i took the wrong turn and ended up in a sudugaadu... thanks to certain ppl :P
full insipiration came off. the bhooth in moi sprouted.
hence, the art work.
dont smirk. i'd like to call it that.

ps. sudugaadu - graveyard.

07 June 2007

Bitchini. Thats my new name.
I'm not skimpily clad.
But slightly full angeryilycrazy mood.
Hence, Bitchini.

05 June 2007


if you were to take a scan of my brains,
this is exactly how it will look.