26 August 2012

Coal'd Soul'd

I loved
I lost

I hated
I lost

I turned into stone
I lost

I loved again
I could lose

I couldn't hate
I may lose

I will turn into stone
I don't care if I lose


Just be.

And my Soul.
Pure as burning coal.
Burning with love. hatred. stones and a lot of Question Marks.

Burning. Like you.
Not for you.
Not for your love.
Not for your careless whisper.
Not for your scented shadows.

Your coal'd soul'd Question mark. 

Strangled Love

Parents. Love. Their Dreams.
Which turns dangerously into a system where they go out of their way to make their children their clones

Children. Love. Their Dreams.
Strangle. Struggle everyday to find a balance between their real identity and forced upbringing identity

Twisted. Twisted world.