30 September 2007

Smileys! :)

this smiley's nice!!!! :)

i think its chinky :D

i'm trying to figure out when my face looks like that.... when i catch my brother on phone with a girl, perhaps?! :P

i just realized i LOVE smileys.... i mean, they're soooooooo cute! and so so so expressive!!! i wonder what life would be like without these emoticons!!! dull and boring :(

"one picture is worth a ten thousand words" - chinese proverb.
smiley's are such a beauty. so pretty! and i think yahoo messenger has the cutest smileys ever!!! and such a joy to use!! the hugs smiley.. the pheww smiley... the laughing on the ground smiley.... :)))))))))

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. i love smileys!!! i'm jus so happy smiley's celebrated their birthday recently! and when ndtv actually featured that as part of their news, i was like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! :) :)

smileys are like an identity by themselves... jus really pretty creatures that make me so happy! even the angry and crying smileys rock! :) :)...

if i were to be born again, maybe i'll want to be a smiley! :) yellow face. two dots. one curvy line!! simple life!! :) :)

look below:
thats me! :) red face, though!


My latest craze - Shopping. Actually not latest, its always been there... But it jus seems to have been proposing serious threats to my pocket over the last few months. More so over the last one month. Wondering how many ppl would've "cast eyes" on me... Mom's been screaming at me, so has bro. But i still seem to be shopping like in quite a reckless manner...

Help me put a FULL STOP.... or atleast an exclamation mark?

08 September 2007

Saturday, today...

Ah. Lousy cricket match, that... They should probably hang these umpires. I mean, who are they to decide the fate of the game? Cant technology do it instead? Hmmpf..

Saturday, today.... and for a change, I got into my pair of lousy shorts and tee, n the afternoon, couched onto my sofa and watched cricket match. Yeah, me. I watched cricket match.
Felt nice to actually stay home on a saturday... No work in coll, music, no class no nothing... Friends in different corners each doing their own thing...

I realized, sitting at home, biting on some pijja+garlic bread+choc brownie, watching tv is actually a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon...
Normally,I'm either recording or coffee house hopping or lunching with friends or shopping on saturdays.... Today was pleasantly different... Got myself to do some writing as well.... Not bloggable stuff though. Nevertheless, I let many a glitter pen do some art work in a pretty book that I have...

Aprom... avlo dhaan. I just feel nice! :)