29 March 2007

TAG... Picked it up from Nisi..

1. One thing you are very much afraid of?
Losing near and dear ones..

2. Two incidents you can never forget in your life?
Incident 1: Was skipping away to Hindi class wearing a pretty skirt at 7am. I get SLAPPED hard on my right cheek by one mad woman… Done ask me why. That’s unsolved mystery.
Incident 2: Again in the 6th grade – when I was lost in the pee world, not realizing the bolt dint work… A senior happened to get a glimpse of moi and slammed the door back on my face, terrified. Now, now, DON’T over imagine!!!

3.Three books you would love reading again and again?
I don’t read much.. However they’d be..
i. Stop worrying and start thinking – Dale Carnegie
ii. My ‘memoir’ book that my friends filled in the 12th grade, and now in coll…
iii. Nisi + Moi’s paper presentations.. hehe

4. Four women who are most beautiful?
i. Amma
ii. Gautami (My favvvvvvvvv lil cousin. She’s BEAUTIFUL.)
iii. Varunika Vyas (one sweet girl with no false pretense)
iv. Sameera Reddy

5.Five of you favorite food items?
i. chaat
ii. suda suda suda parupu sadham with loads of ghee
iii. ANYTHING sweet
iv. Idiappam Stew
v. Karudam

6.Six words you use very often oral/written?
i. Too much for your FACE
ii. Podi kuppi
iii. LOSER!!
iv. You’re such a weirdo, that’s what you are.
v. Pooh.
vi. Macha..

7.Seven things you like about yourself?
i. I’m very very very caring
ii. I’m sweet
iii. I love my voice
iv. I speak fairly well
v. I’ve LOVELY friends
vi. I’m a silly kid at heart
vii. My moods oscillate….

8. Eight film personalities who are your all time favorites?
i. Tabu
ii. Jyotika
iii. Rani Mukherjee
iv. Rahul Bose
v. Jennifer Aniston
vi. Meera Jasmine
vii. Mathew Perry
viii. Madhavan

9.Nine movies you wont mind watching again and again?
i. Mozhi
ii. Kannathil muthamittal
iii. Bend it like Beckham
iv. Sirahugal
:( everyone knows I aint a movie buff.. and I cant churn out more. However, I love the movies I mentioned…

10.Ten songs you would like to listen to everyday?
i. Most of Mariah Careys.. they’re divine
ii. Rakshagan – Kanava illae kaatra
iii. Guru – Ay Hairathe
iv. Varalaaru – Theeyil vizhindha thaena
v. Pavitra – Uyirum Neeye
vi. Beatles – Let it be
vii. Nisi – Ode to Women
viii. Dulaari – Suhaani Raat
ix. Kaanaa inbam kanindhadheno
x. Desulavuthey

I tag.. Ghanshyam, Painah, Sparrow, The Visitor, Akx, Anjana, Venk...


sparrow said...
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sparrow said...

yea wud do tag sometime...hey wanted to ask about all those food items u mentioned.....actually a northie...but kind of curious to know abt cusines.....hehehehe a big big foodie u c

Harini said...

:) which dish do you wanna know about? i'd say go grab it! they're all beautiful!

sparrow said...

all of them whichever u mentioned....yes yes wud definitely grab thm...but fst i should knw wat are they...i mean wat is idiappam,etc etc

Abstrakx Wanderings said...

ehe. ok tag i'm it. i found a very entertaining quiz lately actually. i'll do this one, then THAT one, and then tag you on THAT one, lol. complicated life we lead.

Abstrakx Wanderings said...

ei wot, you stopped blogging!! your fans are super disappointed.