10 August 2007


Once upon a time
lived an old man
by the brook
in a hut so small.

Blessed he was
with wisdom
God-sent mannah he was
for villagers.

Questions came from the north
south, east and west,
The old man answered them all
with precision and calm.

Questions about life and death,
the sun and the moon, heaven or hell,
The old man answered them all
with grace and charm.

Questions from the tall and healthy
Weak and small, Young, old and the bold,
The old man answered them all
with patience and warmth.

Many a villagers came
flocking to his abode
Day after day
he answered tirelessly.

Two little siblings
a boy and a girl
twitched at the old man’s fame
and determined to put him to shame.

Racking their pea-sized brain
to manufacture a plan
fool proof and smart
to catch the old man by his thumb.

They thought and thought
of a question
that the old man cannot answer.
they thought and thought.

Eureka! The two screamed outta joy
A little bird was caught
tightly held in the boy’s palms
feathers outstretched his tiny hands.

They would ask,
“O wise man, is this bird in my hand
dead or alive”
either ways, the old man would be caught.

“Alive” if the old man says,
the boy would squeeze the bird
to death
to prove the old man wrong.

“Dead” if the old man says,
the boy would let go of the bird
to fly
to prove the old man wrong.

Thus the two siblings rejoiced
at their brainchild
The million dollar question
that would put the old man to shame.

Alas, they went to the old man and asked
“O wise man, is this bird in my hand
dead or alive”
eagerly they waited for an answer.

The old man smiled
and said,
“Whether the bird is alive or dead
it is in your hands”

Maketh your life or
Breaketh your life
Blame not destiny
Blame thyself.


Ubiquitous said...

WOW Harini!!!


ice said...

Brilliant man!!! GOODD, it was....

ajith said...

That was awesome!... :) ... The punch in the end was rather brilliant!... Keep dem going... :)...

The Visitor said...

Harini - first sorry, sorry- I've not dropped in since a long time :(
I'll come back later to read the blog. I dropped in to inform you that I've linked your music collection in Kathambamaalai.
PS: Your song collection hasn't increased since my first visiting? When are you going to update?

Harini said...



thanks ajith

@the visitor
thanks for linking my music collection out there! well, i cant update my site anymore.. the songs ive put there are the ones i have paid for...
the ones im doing now are for music directors and films. loads of copyright issues. im not allowed to upload them on my site..

The Visitor said...

That's great news! All the best then. :)

Purple Hazee said...

The ending was rather perfect! :)