30 September 2007

Smileys! :)

this smiley's nice!!!! :)

i think its chinky :D

i'm trying to figure out when my face looks like that.... when i catch my brother on phone with a girl, perhaps?! :P

i just realized i LOVE smileys.... i mean, they're soooooooo cute! and so so so expressive!!! i wonder what life would be like without these emoticons!!! dull and boring :(

"one picture is worth a ten thousand words" - chinese proverb.
smiley's are such a beauty. so pretty! and i think yahoo messenger has the cutest smileys ever!!! and such a joy to use!! the hugs smiley.. the pheww smiley... the laughing on the ground smiley.... :)))))))))

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. i love smileys!!! i'm jus so happy smiley's celebrated their birthday recently! and when ndtv actually featured that as part of their news, i was like yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy! :) :)

smileys are like an identity by themselves... jus really pretty creatures that make me so happy! even the angry and crying smileys rock! :) :)...

if i were to be born again, maybe i'll want to be a smiley! :) yellow face. two dots. one curvy line!! simple life!! :) :)

look below:
thats me! :) red face, though!

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Purple Hazee said...

aww aww :D