03 December 2007


A lot of you may be able to connect to this – when you are jobless, you are so extremely bored to tears that you’d do anything to get your mind occupied. When you have work, that’s when more, and more, and still more of work come in from nowhere! How the heck would anyone multi-task when work just keeeeeeeeps coming in?!

The last minute master that I am and so happens that the college I study in is filled with many such me’s… We finally decide to wake up and WORK our asses off for the upcoming big event “HR Symphony”, which by the way, all of you are invited to.
Date: 6 December 2007; Venue: Madras School of Social Work, Egmore, Chennai.
Theme => HR – A Strategic Business Partner
I wish my blog had more traffic, I’d have attached e-invites and I could perhaps even bet on the number of people that’d turn up :P

Four days before the event, when we just about begin with the major part of the work, Ms. Megha gets busy, leaving Harini in a fix! Megha gets called for a shoot by Mega TV, she gets a dozen recordings that she’d LOVE to go to, she has someone from the press that suddenly decides to write a story on her ‘journey as a playback singer’ **chuckles**, she’s booked by another coupla event organizers to “judge” some music events, her next movie releases and she’s all excited about it – she attends her first audio release function! Harini’s choking on the other end, wanting to pat Megha’s back at one end and kick her butt at the same time! Now, DON’T picturize that!!!

And then there’s another part of her that writes. Serious stuff. Dont ask me what, thats for me to know and you to wonder! :D She works on deadlines, btw. So that’s more work!! Apart from this, there is this eternal be-a-chivalrous-sister that I have to play all the time. For that lil boy of mine just demands I take him out to eat, libraryfy, stationeryfy….. Momma that gives me gharelu work, daddy that’s behind my life to get my medicines (which I’ve been putting away for a long time now)….. All my friends who have been socially inactive all along suddenly decide to meet their long lost friend called Harini… I just remembered – I have to go to the tailor to get my accessories done for college uniform saree! Damn o damn! Pongal o pongal! Naa dead o deaddu!

Moral of the Story:
• Be kind. I’m suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Multiple facet pressure, I say! Hence, the disorder. Reiterating - BE KIND.
• Megha just went a lil overboard with her trumpet-blowing business, that she’d like to modestly call PR **tongue-out smiley**.. Forgive her! Well, she actually doesnt do all of that.. or maybe she does :P
• Pray for Harini and the event that she’s a part of! It better go off well, or people will assassinate her. You don’t want to attend a funeral, do you?

thats me! anyone wants to shove in another hand into me?!

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