01 July 2008

Impulsive Post

Okay. Jus some blah stuff.

Here's what I really want to do:

1. Write a freaking nice post on this blog. I know I've ignored it tooo long.
2. Bash up the boy who's pulling my leg on Gtalk now. He's calls himself Bee.
3. Learn "Devanganangal" and "La tibki" songs, NOW. Challenging.
4. Finish up my pending articles
5. Jive my life out (I should learn to Jive first)
6. Slap someone's face real hard. Like I mean HARD. Bee seems most likely to be my victim :)
7. Prick the puss off my finger. It's swollen to thrice its volume, for quite a bit now.
8. Buy an Optra
9. Eat corn cheese balls, bread with spinach dip, D9 salad and B29 pasta at Little Italy

I cant think of more.

Actually I thought of one more.

10. Get some sleep now.


Purple Hazee said...

awww!postttttt more!the blog deserves more! :D

Ubiquitous said...

I want to learn to jive tooooo!

AND eat the corn cheese balls.


How's the finger now? =/