17 November 2008

Dark blue

I don't understand why life throws on you situations when you have to cry like someone died.
No reason. No whatever.
Jus blues. and the blues are very very blue.
When is it going to freaking turn pink? I like pink, you know? And I miss pink. A lot.


nyscha said...

amen....i miss pink too

- Ubiquitous - said...

OMG and I just did another take on blue on my blog last evening!

Freaky I say!

Anonymous said...

well.. considering that the sky is blue (well black if you insist. but all i can see is blue).. and considering that water is blue (well. its colourless may be, but all i can see is blue) and considering tha these two together make up our entire mother earth, life is meant to be blue :P !!!!

well.. sitting in a/c rooms, with a computer at hand, bloggin away to glory and talking about life being blue ???? i think its already pink isnt it ???

(p.s: am a pessimist :P)

Harini-aka-Megha said...

i'm sure 2009 will be very pink :)

woah..! now do a post on pink :)

well... i'm not cribbing anymore.. life's changing!