26 November 2006


Life without cat, mat, xat, rat, pat,
Life without being stubby and fat,
Life without a gunny bag full of projects to do,
Life without a backache, headache, tummyache,
Life without k, g, psv, r, s ma’am,
Life without mind-numbing classes,
Life without pages of brain-teasers to solve,
Life without having to compete with 2 lakh whizzes to find myself a place to breathe,
Life without having the need to rumble my pea-sized brain to do math,
Life without psyching myself to traverse the horse’s path...
But life’s not easy afterall, is it?!


.:: Rosh ::. said...

I got your message..i've sent a mail to your gmail id. I'll be online for somemore time.

KK Iyer said...

you're not stubby and fat... pleasantly plump would be a more apt description...

Harini said...

i guess i couldnt catch you then.. will bump in, on gtalk soon..

@ kk iyer
ha! thanjew berry mud.

ice said...

nice one, harry! had me in smiles :)

Harini said...

in smilesaa?! polambi theethutaen! nee smile pannindirukkae! kuppi!

sruthi said...

yeah...noone dare want life to be perfect... it never is... lol!

looking at the brighter side...enjoy d cat,xat,mat,rat experience...ehhe

Harini said...

true.. life's neva perfect.. its like hw that ___ phenomenon is neva possible. i mean, in your psychology thingy that situation of 'perfect love' tht can neva possibly happen! ah. i forget the term..
i only remember struge. teehehe. i keep bugging sanju wit that all the time.