17 October 2006

Music on my blog!! :)

Mariah Carey's "hero" has been my favorite song for a long time now... What you can hear now (hopefully, if there's no buffering) while you're reading this post, is the same "hero" in my voice, that i'm gonna gleefully call 'my version of hero'..

I got hooked onto this song way back in the tenth grade... Ever since, Mariah Carey has been my idol!

I've some more songs kept here - http://hariniram.multiply.com/music I shall try and upload these on blogger soon!

Twisted DNA : Thanks a ton for helping me do this.. Like i've mentioned before, i'm tech-challenged! :) Thanks for helping me put in my music here! :)

Me :)


Twisted DNA said...

Pleasure is all mine :)

anil bs said...

hai harini
i listen the songs in the harinium......the english songs are super......u sung this? wow...I know the play back singer harini...

if u get time visit my blog too


Harini said...

thanks so much.

.:: Rosh ::. said...

hey girl..good to see a link to your music page frm your blog.
I would suggest you to start another blog only for your songs "an audioblog"...you can get a free music player "ODEO" too...If you need any help with this just let me know, you know my mail id.