08 February 2007


Every other person: “Hey! You’re graduating now… What next??”
Me: Grrrrrrrrr… I DUNNO.
I really DUNNO.
I wish I knew though.

Some pretty souls: “Hey! You were doing CA, right? How’s it coming along? Cleared?”
Me: Ha. NO. I quit. 2 years ago. **snap**

My older brothers and sisters: “Work and then do your MBA.. You can get the best out of it, only then.”
Me: Okay, brother, sister. Point noted.

Amma, Appa: “You will get NOWHERE with your B.Com. Study now, or never.”
Me: Umm…. I’ll try ma.. I’ll try pa.. I will. I will.
MSW -- **ponder** **pondering**

Random people: MSW???????? What’s thaaaaaaaaaaat?
Me: Uh… it’s called Masters in Social Work. I intend specializing in HR.
Random people: Ohhhh! **giggles**
Me: **wearing a ‘what’s so funny’ look**

Orkut friends: Hey! Wassup with your singing “career”?
Me: Dude! I don’t have one. I wish I did, though!

Coll friends: You can sing macha… You’re settled.. What will I do?
Me: Do you REALLY think I’m “settled”?!?!?! **blink blink**

Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Oldies, Youngies: How was CAT?
Me: Next question, please!
Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Oldies, Youngies: How was XAT?
Me: **eyes rolling** Don’t you get it??? NEXT QUESTION PLEASE!!

The yo-people: Oi! Write gmat, go abroad and study na!
Me: hehe. You’ll gimme money???!
**now should I laugh or should I cry?**

Me to ALL: dear everyone, thanks for showering concern… Leme think in isolation and figure out what I wanna do… and when I decide, I’ll tell you..
Until then, leave me alone, will you?!


CuriousMoron said...

Bingo. Valid point. I guess these people should stop asking about career plans. They think it is concern but it certainly isn't.

Harini said...

absolutely!! :)

KK Iyer said...

i get loads of those questions... and heck they never cease to annoy...
this is another question i used to get a lot of in the past...
"Viscom? romba interestinga irukkume? Apdina exacta enna?"

Harini said...

@ kk iyer
lol. i still dunno what viscom is all about... bt yeah, sounds interesting!

KK Iyer said...

i've spent three years pondering the same thing... nobody knows what viscom is all about... it's a deep, dark mystery. sometimes it's best to leave those mysteries unsolved...

Harini said...

@kk iyer
:) i guess! :)

charishma said...

all i can say is, been there, done that!!

Harini said...

i'm sure you and i KNOW what it feels like! :)