20 May 2007


Beat boxing?!?! Huhn.

Dabba dabba dee dooo deeeeee thuba thuba thuba poooooooooooooo!

Yay! I’ve become American Idol, too..!

Honors please? An album for me, perhaps?



Balaji said...

Hahahaha !! pooh !!

It ain't funny at all. If you're mocking Blake, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

He's got his own different version of beatboxing which, you have to admit, is unique. I'm not sayin' he's American Idol material, but that doesn't mean he got there by luck.

Harini said...

that's all utter blah.
dude - i dont like him! period.

i still cant believe his deebi daba doo got him all the way there!

you're contradicting yourself dude - "I'm not sayin' he's American Idol material, but that doesn't mean he got there by luck." - then why's he even there?!

ashamed of myself?! bwaheeeeeehehe.
o holy blake lover - get a life!!

Ubiquitous said...
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Ubiquitous said...

Hehehe I don't hate him as much as you do. :O


Anyway, I don't care who wins now. Melinda's gone. And she was my favourite.


Harini said...

i dont understand the language..

i dont hate him, actually... i'm jus FRUSTRATED he won over melinda and he bledy doesnt deserve it AT ALL....

Purple Hazee said...

ok my perspective

1)Blake's cute lookin...so ppl voted for him.. its like sanjaya in the final lot.. other than d hair styles i cant think of any other reason...

2)Life's unfair for melinda coz she has d best voice of the lot...

3)Jordin won n blake didn... so its all ok...

BUT i really think the beat boxing is funky man.. its different!

Harini said...

yeah man, beatboxing sounds bledy cool! but that shouldnt hav taken him to the top two and all... atleast, top 3 was okay.. pooh.
yeah, jordin won, and i'm more than yabby for her... she's nice..
and kat mcphee is doing well too.. so basically, all nice!

sanjaya is jus weird. i wanna laugh when i think of him.

Purple Hazee said...

one kutti child actually cried n al for sanjaya...ehhe was funnily weirdly cutely weird.

Harini said...

o yes... she was hysterically crying for him..... :D

Abstrakx Wanderings said...

smirks dont become you my dear. you're much too modest a soul.

Ubiquitous said...

What ya, long time no post?

Harini said...

sometimes they do, akx..
appearances can jus be deceptive :P

writing not coming for me ya. suddenly.