13 June 2007


i made that bhooth.
i was making my way to the r t o, but i took the wrong turn and ended up in a sudugaadu... thanks to certain ppl :P
full insipiration came off. the bhooth in moi sprouted.
hence, the art work.
dont smirk. i'd like to call it that.

ps. sudugaadu - graveyard.


KK Iyer said...

do all bhoots have gravity defying hair?

nyscha said...

lol....its very cute :-D

ice said...

hey!! i thought u made a self portrait!! No kidding... before i saw the post, obviously i saw the pic, n thought u drew urself..

U can actually look like that, sometimes... u know? :p

Purple Hazee said...

@ ice - LOL

@ Garini - Ei ur MS PAINT skills r improving by d day ya : )

Ubiquitous said...

Awwww. :D:D


=)) at kk iyer's comment. :P

Abstrakx Wanderings said...

you are the cutest!!!

Badri said...

A smiling bhoot - very scray indeed!

Harini said...



adi paaaaaavi! kuppi.

**blush** thankyou ya


**romba blush** muah.

thats the nice element in my bhooths.. :)