13 January 2012


I blog today after almost two years. Thanks or No thanks to - @ajeyjustin

Phew. It's perhaps never happened that someone actually finds this excessively poorly SEO'd, hidden blog of mine - a secret almost - and literally figures my whole life out in two days!

And on twitter, this gentleman goes:
@MeghaAlsoHarini smell ur old book again....u ll know.u wer so stubborn tat u ll nt chnge ur blog..but u did,now ter is no harini..jus megha
@MeghaAlsoHarini singer megha...:P

And I'm here I am going - Phew! Has life really changed 'So Much'?

For one - I never believed I could write, ever. Writing was something that happened absolutely by accident. Rather, just a random, impulsive outbreak of emotions over some teenage laments. I used to write them in word docs and save them. And I think I almost parallelly started posting them online... Writing over an emotional overdose would actually flush out all the intensity and tone it down.. Like the transition from high tides to soft waves... Just living and moving on...
This weird blog world of anonymity and a thin envelope of care... I soon found this little space of mine being totally my own.. I was proud of it...

Felt like I could write all I want and get away with it.

I don't quite know what happened and what mooted me to stop blogging. It certainly was not a conscious decision... I guess I didn't find the need to lament as much...
And I found different other ways of expression - Facbeook, Twitter... More of the latter..

And here I am - realizing that this beautiful medium of expression that I have so fondly fostered, loved and owned needn't be abandoned for life. For no apparent reason...

Hence, Resurgence.

Lots has happened over 2 years now... Personal life, professional life... Several dreams of mine having come true... The Rahman dream, Setting up my own empire dream...

Life has but been beautiful :)

I don't think I want to fill this space with the two years that has gone by.... Rather, I shall fondle it with my thoughts, reviews, experiences starting today... for a long long way to come...

Thank you ababbleofemotions.blogspot.com for having waited for me for two years now... And thank you for welcoming me, with open arms... I won't ignore you nomore.. Really :)

And @ajeyjustin - I owe you. Thank you :)



balam praveen kumar said...

hi megha
1st i read this today and felt truely from your inner heart u are flowing words like water wave soooo high touching sky
Hatsoff gal please continue blogging :-) :-)

Harini-aka-Megha said...

@balam praveen kumar
Thank you!