03 October 2006

An Ode to The Tigers

This is no discourse on Bengal tigers or White tigers of the jungles, for I know nothing about them… This is ode to very special people, who’ve brought in immeasurable amounts of joy in my life, over the last few months…

As a mandatory part of my course curriculum, I’d to do an internship for a month with a company… My mum suggested I send my CV to OfficeTiger. I did so, and the very prompt Mr. Shiv got back to me in just a day and I was hired as an internee for a month, in a jiffy… So firstly *bows* to Shiv for having thought me worthy enough to be part of the Tiger family.. **Double bows** to Sudhalini (AVP – HR), for letting Shiv hire me, even though I’m a novice in HR :) Thanks Sudha, for having the confidence in me, for guiding me through all the projects.. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.. and I cant wait to get back and work with you guys.. :)

OT was my first experience of what corporate life is all about... It’s filled with a bunch of level headed people, who don’t let positions/status affect their relationships with people. I guess that takes OT onto a different league all together. I’ve never come across any organization where there is so much of a transparency in relationships! Not once during my stay did I ever feel like an internee! Hats off to Sudha, Shiv, Anubhav, Rose, Paro, Pavan, Archana and everyone else who stepped into the HR arena to lighten the day (eg. Manu :)). Guys, working in OfficeTiger has been an absolute blessing for me… Thanks a bunch for everything…

My last day at OT was the most emotional day of my life… And all I remember doing all along, was crying like a little baby, with the cake in front of me looking like a mirage… I dint want to leave… Sooo dint want to leave… I’m just waiting for the day when I’d finish my MBA and get back to OT..


Call us ‘buns n cutlets’ or ‘chilly beaf’ (courtesy:Amar).. In simple words, we ROCK!! :)
Let me take the pleasure of introducing the band to you..

Amar -- Amar, our chosen band leader is an absolute sweetheart! EXTREMELY talented.. (yes, that was meant to be in big bold letters). Music runs in his blood… He guides our team through… He’s one of the senior-most persons at work.. and the way he finds time for practice and makes sure all of us turn up as well, is totally commendable..
He totally freaks out on his super-hot guitar! I must admit I’ve given him a HARD time in all our jamming sessions.. but despite that, all he did was give my one assuring hug, and made me feel like I can do better! Not forgetting to mention, he has inspired me enough to be a bad girl as well! Haha :)
Thanks Amar and Sudha, for making me part of the band… Forever grateful to you, for giving me an opportunity to sing with you guys :)
Amar boy, “YOU da DUDE” :) **hugs**

Vivek --- our lead guitarist, who plays the oh-so-trippy guitar leads to perfection. He still claims to be a ‘beginner’ though.. Tee hee! Talk about modesty! :).. He aint a vaayaadi like me… He lets his guitar do all the talking. Likewise, on stage. He makes everyone’s jaws drop to their knees and tongues wag in total awe over his mastery of the instrument…
Well, he probably thought I was like 35 years old or something.. His eyes popped out when I told him I was 19! And now he’s rechristened me ‘baby’! *chuckles*
Rock on Vivek – you’re destined to scale greater heights.. Keep it going! :)

Johnathan --- (I hope I’ve got the spelling right)! He’s a quiet little thing sitting in one corner while jamming and once you throw him on stage, he’ll bowl you over by swirling around with his base guitar! He’s one guy with immense stage presence… He’s someone without whom the band won’t just function! :)..
John: (huggin his guitar just before getting on stage) My guitar! She’s my darling!
Me: Wife first, or guitar first?
John: (pointing to his guitar).. She comes first!
**my eyes rolling**
That just shows how passionate he is! And that’s more than just evident when he takes on the stage and lets his fingers play the guitar!
Mrs. John, if you’re reading this, spank him! :D
Rock on John..! Rock on!! :)

Clyde --- Clydy boy!!!!! Very the chweeet he is!! :) Absolutely adorable! He’s one BUNDLE of talent.. He makes music outta everything he gets his hands on! He plays the guitar, the base as well, the keys and the DRUMS!! (have I left out anything, Clyde?).. Give him a tava, a tumbler, a couple of vessels and two kutti spoons, I’m sure he’ll assemble his own kitchen drum kit and play ‘sweet child of mine’ on it!! :)
Oi Clydo! You so totally rock!!! Keep it going! Super you are! :)

Edison --- THE crooner!! Now now! One helluva charmer he is! Vroom he comes zipping on his Santro with a bandana + coolers on his head… Full range boy he is! What’s amazing about the OT band is everyone’s just SO multi-talented… Edi’s a pro dancer as well!! And I needn’t say anything about his singing.. Give him the mic and he’ll put Ricky Martin to shame! **bwahahahaha**.
On a serious note, Edi is a SUUUUUUUPER singer! Someone who sings all his songs with so much of passion! He’s got one helluva attractive voice that he does full justice to! Edi’s style is unique.. hear him sing ‘stand by me’, ‘last kiss’, ‘hate everything about you’ – you’ll know what I’m talking about! All in all, he’s one guy who’ll steal your heart when you watch him perform on stage!
Watching John and Edi team up on stage is one joyous sight to behold! Together, they can make audience swoon to everything right from the slowest love ballad to the heaviest metal!
Edi boy – keep singing! Keep dancing! And…… most importantly, keep drinking! :) hehe.

Benny --- **Bows** to Benny, before I can even say anything about him! There’s something about his vocals that gives me goose bumps. Versatility is Benny’s hallmark He can transport you to a different world altogether with his ‘Nila kaihiradhu’, ‘Pramadhavaram’ where the bruhaas flow in effortlessly. And the very next minute, he can do some ‘kaatu kaththal’ and sing something that is really ‘hard to handle’! Benny is another very passionate singer, someone who gives in his 200% everytime he sings.. :)
Benny, you WILL be a singer whom the whole world will look up to. You’ve already paved your way into fame and it’s just a matter of time, before everyone recognizes your talent… We all know you’re a winner, Benny… And when you reach the pinnacles of success, don’t you forget all of us!! Umm.. you still owe me a treat, by the way!

Archana --- the pretty little bride! :) Chana is another beautiful singer… Someone with a very powerful voice… it amazes me at times! Power singing is what she’s best at! Typical rock star! :)
Looking forward to sing with you, girl! Get married soon! :) :)

Now comes the happy man Pavan--- our band manager! :).. He makes sure we have everything we want… He gives us some constructive criticism that definitely helps us get better… Pavan is such a backbone for all of us… Enthu boy he is! Praying frantically, and cheering everytime we get on stage! :)
Thanks Pavan boy… Major you are! Keep rocking! :)

And then there’s Harini--- :D **blushes** -- yeah! Me! Me! Nothing I’ve got to say though… I’m just all in smiles now! A little tooooo happy! :)

Yep – so that’s the OT band for you!!! Together, we ROCK…… We kicked some ass in the Corporate Music Competition 2006… We’re all geared up to kick some more ass in future!! :)

Cheers to all you wonderful people… Thank you soooooo much for being incredibly nice to me.. Love you all..

Me :)


KK Iyer said...

nice... if that's what corporate life is all about, i'll have to rid myself of those stereotypes that had formed in my head... benny... is this the guy in the ss music band thingy? i heard that guy sing at saarang... he did this mallu song which was blooooody owezum!!! sounds like one helluva band... keep that going, lady!

Nyscha said...

yep the band's pretty terrific alrite...but temme woman,were U drunk when u wrote this?!?lol...kidding...

Harini said...

@kk iyer
hehe. those are the nice things about corporate life.. :)
yes.. benny's the ss music benny that i was talking about.. and yes, he did the same mal song.. :)

hehe. not drunk nisi.. jus overwhelmed i'd say! :) very passionate and loadsa gratitude! :)
infact i was half asleep and i woke up cos' i was itching to write.. so orey the feelings! :D

Twisted DNA said...

That sounds like a wonderful band. You are lucky to have made acquaintaince of such talent. They are lucky to know such a wonderful girl like you too

itchingtowrite said...

great, u r a step closer to your dream by being part of a band. do u do shows yet?

Harini said...

@twisted dna
that was a generous shower of compliments again..
totally! i'm really really lucky to be a part of the band..

if you're online now, shall we work on the linking my multiply site to blogger thingy? (if you've got nothing else to do now, that is)

Harini said...

we're planning to shows... hopefully, soon! :) are you in madras?

jus sung in a lot of competitions (solo)... hoping to do it wit the band now.. :)

artnavy said...

Your band sounds really cool and OT Ravi(USA) is a cousin- I am planning to send him this piece. Why dont you place your voice file on your blog so we can hear u sing-Can i give in my request?

Harini said...

ravi is your cousin?! **eyes rolling**

my songs are on my site : hariniram.multiply.com
you could listen to stuff from there, and leave me comments here :)

will try and post a video clip of our (OT band) performance on blogger.

me :)

R.E.B.E.L said...

wow.. someone likes work!!! cheers!

Balaji said...


May be I will get to hear you guys rock...

Harini said...

well, i worked for just a month! and yess!! i did like work!!! would wanna finish my PG soon and start working..
you're working as well?

hopefully, very soon! you should come over!!

sruthi said...

ah... the "big band theory" eh!

sounds nice... o i didn know benny was part of OT! or rather i didn know that benny was this benny!!

pro these ppl sound...'l come for one of ur shows n meet them all!

Harini said...

yeah shooti.... super pro everyone is :)

yep.. the benny is the same ss music benny... :) all mcc-ians are band is made of! :)

you're a bad child... you should've come fr this show.. anyways, stuff coming up soon... come for those! :)

Archana Bahuguna said...

That was a sweet post and Vow! You have a band! :-)

Harini said...

thanks babe!! :)

Anonymous said...

Harini, u drink?

Harini said...

who art thou?

Anonymous said...

am ur fan...

vinay said...

so many comments!!awesome hain!! actually i read thz article when it was just taken from the oven...but then didnt comment..coz i didnt want to spoil the passion by putting in my personal views....just keep on rocking in the real world,on stage...as well as in the virtual world...thru your blogs!!


Harini said...

i'm touched. would you reveal your identity?

why would you hesitate leaving your personal opinion?!
thanks for dropping by anyway.. :)

‡♥ Balaji ♥± (keepyourclawsoff) said...

Good description of workin' at office and havin' fun. Of course, I see you've left out all the parts like how you used to work you know 10 hours a day and how you used to eat choc. truffle cake everyday.. Ah well, good times n bad times in everythin'. OT perhaps has very few bad times or esle you wouldn't have posted so big.

Oh Yeah!

Thumbs up to you! May you scale greater heights and climb higher mountains until you reach the top. Just don't forget about us when you do.


The Band

Congrats on becomin' a 'semi-professional band'.. hope I've got that right.. Yeah, you do sound good on stage and you're co-ordinated. It shows cause you sing with passion and that itself puts on a different platform from the others. I'm sure you'll make a great band and we'll hear more about you in the upcomin' future.

About your band name, buns n cutlets or whatever sounds kinda like what a kid would say. Perhaps, a new, different, more catchy name?

I agree. All the members of your band are awesome.

±♥ Balaji ♥± (keepyourclawsoff) said...

P.S Sorry for speliin' mistakes and stuff. I didn't really check them.

Sorry again.

Harini said...

hehe. thanks brother!
we havnt christened our band, yet! we will, soon! :)
and thanks for your generous shower of compliments! you know it means a lot to me, cos' i know what a miser critic you are! get a "good" from your mouth is a rareity!
yep.. you HAV TO be there for any show that we do... dont you dare keep your claws off our shows! :p
yours sista! :)

Minal said...

Corporate world is definitely what you have had a taste of at OT (trust me, it's one chaotic world out there!) but good at least you made a memorable start.