26 January 2009

Crack in the wall

It’s strange how people whom you place on a mountain top suddenly throw you off the cliff. The two people fondly nurture a relationship with love, time and care…. It grows up to be a beautiful one, all strong, healthy and happy….

Little would you expect an Arnold Schwarzenegger like strong building to crumble to bits. Wonder where the cracks came from, in the first place…

Any idea?

My guesses:
** Take the other person for granted
** Cease to appreciate (not verbally) importance/niceness of the other person
** Expectations mismatch
** Insensitiveness owing to no particular reason
** Change in priorities/people

Got some band aid, anyone? One that will crease out the crack entirely...


Sangeetha Mugunthan said...

How do you manage to post something that I can always relate to?


I'm back, after a relatively long break.

Shrav said...


i don't even have guesses from where the cracks evolved!

Harini-aka-Megha said...

ah.. it's the same story everywhere i guess!

thanks for dropping by...
the cracks jus remain that. cracks.
wherever they evolved from...! and the bandaid aint helping either!

- Ubiquitous - said...

Talk, talk, talk it all out!