11 January 2009


You play tricks with me, dear life
make me sad as a shrunken pea one day
make me spring up and down like an insane frog another day
what hath thou in store for me?

Must I spend this year singing away to glory in studios?
Or handle irrational problems of human beings at work?
Must I clutch onto a pen and paint a thousand words?
Tell me… which side do I sway?

Instincts tell me this year’s going to be great
not just good, but great!
Smiles, thrills, chills, happiness and no pills
But sigh… which side do I sway?

A sudden gush of positive energy
I know not from where
But this unflinching dilemma
I know not how to spare

O good Lord,
Show me a clear way
Heart or head;
Which side do I sway?


Purple Hazee said...

at this point..you don't have a gazillion added responsibilities..do what u cannot do 5 years hence :-)

nyscha said...

only u can have "problem-of-plenty" at a time when ppl are howling abt the recession :P
plus u r the multi-tasking queen m'dear....do everything!like u say, "its' soooo u" :-)

Aishwarya said...

its better u don know what future has in store for u...

Someone said "The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time"

Live it as it comes... U'll have a beautiful year ahead!

Good piece, :)

Harini-aka-Megha said...

yes... that sounds nice :)

hehehe :) you're sucha cutie! :)

thanks a million, kuty :)